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Videos about how hair loss problems such as Alopecia and Trichotillomania affect women's lives and what can be done to help

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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client L discusses her experiences of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Client R talks about losing hair after food poisoning at 14

Client B talks about her experiences of thinning hair

Jacquie Beltrao discussing her experience of Chemotherapy and using the Intralace System

Jacquie discusses her initial breast cancer diagnosis

Jacquie talks about the day she first had her new hair put in

Jacquie tells Lucinda what her friends and family thought about her hair

Having the Cold Cap treatment

Carrying on regardless - Jacquie talks about doing a modelling assignment during her chemo

Jacquie talks about how her own hair regrew afterwards

TV and Media featuring the work of Lucinda Ellery

My510 Years Younger - Sylvia's dramatic makeover includes our hair

ITVDaybreak interview with India Barnes about hair pulling

Channel 5Gabby Logan interviewing Hannah Westwood

Channel 410 Years Younger - Vivienne gets her new hair, and loves it

STV Live at Five

STVLucinda and client Satvinder Kaur discussing hair loss

Victoria Derbyshire Live


Lucinda and Charly Suggett discuss Trichotillomania on the Victoria Derbyshire show

Girls on the Pull

Channel 4Channel 4 documentary on Trichotillomania featuring the work of Lucinda Ellery

Channel 5 News on Trichotillomania

Ch 5

Lucinda and Charly Suggett interviewed about hair pulling

TodayWatch Lucinda on the Today Show demonstrating some simple techniques for adding volume to fine hair

Lucinda interviewed by New Beauty magazine

New Beauty

Lucinda speaks to Susan and Anna about her work in disguising serious hair loss

ITV News feature on hair pulling

ITV News

Fiona Dalziel being interviewed and treated at our Solihull studio

Trichotillomania Videos

Emily tells her story of overcoming hair pulling

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