Terms & Conditions Update

Terms and Conditions Update 14th February 2021 for both Intralace System™ and Intralace Minima system™

Please see the below update to clause 2.7 and clause 4.1 to our Terms and Conditions when providing the Intralace System.

2. What you must do


It is essential to contact us immediately if you are suffering from any adverse effects from the Treatment using the contact details below. It is essential to contact us immediately if you feel your scalp may have an infection or is sore using the contact details below. It is essential to contact us immediately if you feel you have contracted Head Lice as you will need to replace your system. Please email feedback@lucindaellery.com and speak with our Client Relationship Manager.

4.  Our Exclusions and Our Limitation of Liability


We will provide an initial consultation with you and a test patch (should you choose the test patch). However, we do not undertake testing to ensure that the products we use for the Intralace System™ are compatible with your skin type. It is your responsibility to inform us of any illnesses, conditions (including but not limited to allergies, scalp infections of any type) which you have suffered from in the past, or which you suffer from currently, which may affect the use of the Intralace System™.




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