Radiotherapy and Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur following a course of radiotherapy, but as you would expect, the impact varies significantly according to the dosage and frequency of the treatment and whether there is any other associated treatment taking place.

Normally such hair loss will only occur at the treatment site and occasionally at the exit point on the opposite side of the head.

Managing the Effects

Where the hair has become thin following radiotherapy, Medi Connections™ - our ultra-fine, lightweight extensions made of real hair - may help improve volume. These last for around three months and are added to your hairline to make the hair look thicker. Easy to manage, the extensions allow you to treat your hair like it is your own. A guide price for using medi connections to help manage thinning hair would be from approx £200 to approx £500 depending on your individual requirements.

For permanent hair loss after radiotherapy, The Intralace System™ can be integrated into your remaining hair, and allows you to wash, brush and style your hair normally. This system lasts for 2 years, with maintenance required every six to eight weeks. The initial application of the system can vary in cost and this is determined by the size of the area we need to work on. The average new Intralace costs from approx £1500 to approx £2000. Maintenance appointments every 6 to 8 weeks are priced at £90 per hour with an average appointment lasting between 1½ and 2 hours.

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