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Coming to terms with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) and disguising its appearance

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Auto-immune disorders are becoming increasingly common world-wide. One which affects hair is Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, and we're seeing more cases of it at all our studios including Southampton.

What it looks like

FFA is characterised by a gradually receding hairline at the front and sides. This is caused by inflammation which in turn seems to caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the hair follicles. Unfortunately, even once the inflammation dies down, there is scarring left behind on the scalp and the affected areas can no longer grow hair. (For this reason it is sometimes known as Scarring Alopecia.) Eyebrows can also be affected.

In some cases FFA seems to burn itself out and the hair line stabilises, but in others it continues for many years and in the worst cases it can result in the whole of the front half of the head becoming bare.

This type of hair loss is visually noticeable, particularly in its later stages, and that can be difficult to accept and adjust to, leading many women to lose confidence and some to even become reclusive.

Medical understanding is still at an early stage

FFA wasn't recognised as a separate condition until the mid-1990s and medical research into it is still in the early stages so the causes and mechanisms are not yet understood. It is currently considered to be related to a condition called Lichen Planopilaris although there are some clinical differences. Since the vast majority of sufferers are menopausal and postmenopausal women it was assumed that hormonal factors were in play but in most cases hormone levels appear to be normal.

However despite the lack of firm medical progress, we do encourage anyone who is at the early stages of this condition to see their doctor, as treatment (usually steroids) can slow down the progression of the disease, although there is no cure and no way to reverse it.

This short video shows the life changing hair transformations we offer our lovely clients!

How we can disguise FFA

Where the hairline has receded the only effective alternative to wigs is a variation on our Intralace System incorporating the Natural Hair Line Parting and Sides. The main system can usually be integrated with your own hair unless there is already extensive loss - in which case our Freewear system may be employed - while the Parting and Sides are fixed in place using a medical grade tape where the skin is bare. The results are a very natural appearance and are semi-permanent.

As with all our studios the Southampton staff are thoroughly trained and experienced in assessing and creating custom solutions and styles for women with FFA, and they will also instruct you in how to re-apply the tape when this becomes necessary.

The Next Step - Contacting Us

Come and speak to us

If you live in the south coast areas then you're in easy reach of our studio, which is just an hour's train journey from both Portsmouth and Bournmouth. Come and see us and we'll discuss the stage that your FFA has reached and how best to tackle it - always with a sympathetic ear and a constructive approach.

The first consultation is free and if you prefer you can have a video consultation instead.

To contact us about an appointment or get more information see the Southampton Contact page where you can send us an enquiry or give us a call.

For details of our location and directions for getting there see our Southampton Directions page.

For further information on Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia visit our FFA pages where you can see the results achieved for two of our clients, and our various galleries including the Intralace Gallery.


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