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The Intralace and Intralace Minima - a better alternative to human hair toppers for women

Client A before

Client A before Intralace

Client A after

Client A after Intralace

Just as our full-size Intralace Systems can be thought of in a simplified way as a wig that is integrated with your own hair, so the Intralace Minima and the smaller versions of the Intralace System can be thought of as a topper that is integrated in the same way - which means that you don't have to take it off, no more fiddling with clips, and you can wash it normally when you shower.

Suitable for disguising smaller areas of hair loss

While the larger versions of our Intralace System are usually necessary where there are larger areas of loss or overall thinning, the smaller versions and the Intralace Minima are suitable for localised patches of hair loss which might normally be considered suitable for toppers.

Saving time and worry

But instead of clips and the tiresome rigmarole of carefully fitting and adjusting a topper in a mirror, our solutions are integrated with your own hair via a lightweight mesh system so they stay on your head and you can forget you're wearing them - giving you back your freedom from worrying if toppers are aligned correctly, fully secure, or maintaining them after you take them off.


An example of the type of transformation we can provide for our lovely London clients

Custom made to suit you

Each Intralace System or Minima is custom made for each client, which has the benefit of an exact fit to the area of scalp that needs covered, as well as custom color matching which blends the new hair with your own color so that it's natural looking and undetectable. We use 100% human hair of the highest quality, and can customise hair texture including Brazilian virgin, naturally curly hair too. And naturally your System or Minima will be styled to your preference by our dedicated professional hair loss stylists.

Suitable for a fully active lifestyle

Because it's worn 24/7 you can participate in sports without worry, whether you enjoy running, cycling, riding, or team sports - or even swimming. No more concerns about toppers flying off in the wind or your hair loss being seen by team-mates.

Your own hair keeps growing

The Intralace and Minima don't inhibit hair growth, so if you're using one while your hair recovers from trauma such as illness, or some other temporary problem then it will continue to grow normally underneath until recovery is complete and the system can be removed. Regrowth does mean that there will need to be some readjustment every few months at our studios but that is the only maintenance other than keeping your new hair well conditioned.




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If you live in or within reach of London, then our Hammersmith studio is easily accessible. Come and see us and we'll advise you on your hair loss problems with a sympathetic and constructive approach.

The first consultation is free and if you prefer you can have a video consultation instead.

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