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The type of transformations we can make to women's hair

If you've suffered from the compulsions inherent in this condition you'll know how difficult it is to even talk to anyone about it and how hard it is to find anyone who understands how frustrating it is to live with it.

You'll find a sympathetic ear at our Bristol hair loss salon. We've seen many women and girls with Trich and all our staff understand what it's like to battle against not just the problem itself but also the feelings of shame it creates and the isolation caused by trying to hide it. We'll offer both emotional and practical support as well as treatments, and no-one here will ever judge you for the occasional setbacks that are so common amongst Trich sufferers.

Our main treatment for Trich is the Intralace System which is so effective for disguising many other forms of hair loss. You won't have to worry about covering up the patches where you most commonly pull. But the particular advantage for helping you stop pulling is that quite simply the mesh that it's based on stops you from getting at the roots of your hair - if you can't get to the hairs then you can't pull them. This gives you a "breathing space" - a period of time where you can start to break the habit and learn how to be aware when you're unconsciously pulling.

Your hair will grow unhindered beneath the Intralace, so unless you've been pulling for a long time and the damage has become permanent, then after a few months when the system is removed for the first time you should find that your hair has begun to return to normal. Our Bristol experts will then advise you on whether the system should be put back on or if a lighter system or light extensions should be the next step.

Nothing is ever certain with Trichotillomania, but many of our Bristol clients have found that the combined benefits of the improved confidence that comes from looking good again and not worrying about your problem being discovered, along with the physical improvements as the hair gets a rest from pulling, allow them to regain control of their pulling urges and break the destructive cycle.


The first consultation is free so you can come and get a feel for what we can do for you. Or if you prefer we can have a video consultation instead.

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