Hair Loss Diagnosis

Our lives are continually bombarded with images of beautiful, smiling models with lustrous hair, so losing or shedding your own is inevitably very upsetting. At Lucinda Ellery’s studios we understand that part of the problem often lies in not knowing where to turn for help and advice or practical solutions. Although there are many websites promising miracle results if you use their products, we believe there are several important steps to take before you rush into any treatment. This is our guide to what to do first.

Visit Your GP

If you think you may be shedding more hair than usual, your first step should always be to visit your GP for examination and diagnosis. Your doctor may identify causes that can be treated, or you may be referred to a consultant dermatologist. Although most people might assume that dermatology is restricted to the study of skin, this does actually include hair loss too.


Seeing a Dermatologist

The best medical advice available for hair loss is likely to come from a consultant dermatologist, and if they inform you that your hair loss could be permanent or shows little chance of improvement, now may be the time to consider other hair loss management options. These may include our highly effective Intralace Options™, Medi Connections™, or Hair Replacement - Intralace Freewear system™.