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Concealing the effects of female alopecia

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There are a variety of different types of Alopecia, and our London studio deals with all of them every day. The one you most often read about in the media - often when a celebrity is suffering from it - is Alopecia Areata, but there are a number of others. If you're unsure which is which then you can read about most of them on our Living with Hair Loss blog post - The different types of Alopecia explained - which may help you identify whether you are suffering from one of them.

Alopecia Areata often appears suddenly, with bare patches which can appear anywhere on your scalp. It's often associated with periods of high stress - the death of a family member or close friend, or a major change in life such as moving to a new city or country. and while the affected areas can sometimes start growing again they can just as easily recur or new patches appear. This unpredictability makes it very difficult to handle emotionally.

The other most common type is Androgenetic Alopecia, which as the name implies is inherited and can come from either or both sides of your family. This type comes on gradually and usually causes overall diffuse thinning which gets gradually worse as you get older.


An example of the type of transformation we can provide for our lovely London clients

Medical treatments seldom have much benefit

Medicine has so far had only a sketchy amount of success in a limited number of cases. Various creams and drugs can sometimes help to reduce the effects of Alopecia Areata but rarely if ever provide a cure and often cause side-effects, while some of them are only suitable for men. The most promising development appeared in 2023 - a drug called Litfulo was approved which reduces enzyme activity. However it only seems to work in around a third of cases and only reduces hair loss rather than eliminating it. There are also some unfortunate side-effects, and it is fearsomely expensive. The cost would also be ongoing as it seems the effects only last while you continue to take it.

Because of this the subject inevitably attracts a lot of very dubious pseudo-scientific "treatments" claiming miracle cures but mostly concerned with conning you out of your money. You should treat these with extreme scepticism.

Disguising Alopecia - our solutions

In the absence of any other effective treatments, we offer an option that conceals women's hair loss completely and restores their hair to the condition that gives them back the confidence that they may well have lost. We've been inventing and developing our hair systems and techiques here at our London studio over many years and they are industry-leading and patented. Some of our staff have been with us almost as long as we've been here and have been part of the development process, so you can be sure you're in good hands.

Our options include different varieties of our Intralace Systems, and ultra-fine Medi Connections extensions, depending on the type and extent of hair loss in each case. Each system is specifically tailored to the individual client and the amount and type of hair loss they have.


The Next Step - Contacting Us

If you live in or within reach of London, then our Hammersmith studio is easily accessible. Come and see us and we'll advise you on your hair loss problems with a sympathetic and constructive approach.

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