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With a team of over 150 employees, we can't list all of our amazing colleagues but we would like you to meet our management team who are on hand to give you the best possible advice and care.


Chris Hinchliffe - Director

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I started working with Lucinda Ellery in 1995. Lucinda (my mother) insisted that I learned all from the ground up and after a lot of training, I did just that! Lucinda instilled in me, what it means for women to be challenged with hair loss and how important it is to find a way to successfully manage this. As the interest in our services grew so did my role. Today my role spans research and development (I am constantly looking at how we can improve the Intralace System and have overseen several successful changes over the years including the creation of proprietary hair components, hair sourcing and natural aesthetic developments) I also work on project management within the company, expansion planning and still on occasion, consulting on the suitability of our services with clients. I am privileged to work with so many of our senior management team over many years and their outstanding humble dedication and professionalism is grounding.


Michelle Dabadie - Director

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When we decided to open our first U.S location in Beverly Hills, I moved to California to facilitate the growth and expansion of the studio which was a fun experience living in the U.S for three years. I am now back in the U.K, I particularly miss the Californian weather! I love our clients and I love how I have witnessed the Lucinda Ellery ethos and ethics be just as effective across the pond. I have worked with my mother (Lucinda) since I can remember, and I was always fascinated with her inventive ideas and her progressive thinking when it came to all things hair. I enjoy creating new Intralace systems for our lovely client and conducting consultations but as the company has grown there are days where I have to wear many hats and I wouldn't have it any other way. Being a woman, helping ladies regain the appearance of a natural full head of hair whilst regaining their confidence also is the most rewarding experience which I am grateful for every day.


Dax Hinchliffe - Operations Director

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I started working with Lucinda Ellery (my mother) in 1993 after leaving School, but in truth Lucinda had me working with her at the age of 11 years old, helping out here and there when on school holidays. I started full time at 16 year old as an Assistant Technician and then Senior Technician and worked up until I became studio Director at age 26. I find the work we do so rewarding in so many ways. I have been lucky enough to have so many wonderful staff and clients to have met on the way, with whom I have forged a very close bond. A few years ago I took a different roll as Operational Director overseeing all locations. This has not just been a job for me but my life, and I am very grateful to my mother, even under duress at the time, for getting me involved in such a extraordinary career path.


Priya Vedhara - Head of US Operations

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I never thought I would find a role that combined my personal career ambitions with my ambition to work for a cause that helps and supports people, well I found it at Lucinda Ellery! The fact that I see women, every day, come to us whether they are experiencing cancer, TTM or any other condition and we are able to at least alleviate the stress of their hair loss is such a privilege. My role at Lucinda Ellery is varied to say the least, managing the teams, offering training and development as well as looking at the business on a strategic level means my job is a busy and rewarding one at that. We all go to work to pay the bills but when you find yourself in a position where you can do that but also be contributing in some little way to someone's life, well that is when you know you are onto a winner!


Chantelle - Senior London Studio Manager

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I have worked at Lucinda Ellery for just over 11 years, My fave part about my job is the fact it never feels like a job, creating beautiful new designs for clients and helping them through their hair journey is such an amazing feeling. Being a part of such a major life changing moment is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and seeing our lovely ladies return with their confidence restored is heart warming. I have grown with so many of our ladies and staff and I hope to continue to do so in many years to come.


Domonique - Manchester Studio Manager

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I first started working with Lucinda Ellery in 2007 in London and then relocated to the first regional studio which opened in 2010. We are all very down to earth and try to make clients feel like part of the family. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable. I enjoy seeing the same faces and of course welcome each and every new client. There is lots of singing, banter and laughter! We work hard but we also get great job satisfaction.


Ewa – London Studio Manager

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I joined the Lucinda Ellery team in 2006, and it feels like yesterday despite so many years passing by. Over the years, I have worked in various roles, and with the support and patience of the management, I became a studio manager. Each role has given me valuable experience and allowed me to understand the great privilege of meeting so many beautiful people. The best part of my job is meeting clients and being part of their journey. There's nothing quite like seeing a big smile on a client's face and knowing I've played a part in making them happy.

As I have spent most of my adult life with the company, I have grown with it, just as my family has. Since becoming a mother of two beautiful children, I am working part-time for a few years now. I remain grateful for the opportunity to work for such a fantastic team of people!


Tom - Manchester Studio Manager

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Hi there, I'm Thomas working as Studio Manager in our Manchester studio. I joined Lucinda Ellery in 2010, way back when I started working as human hair extensions technician and then progressed to learn all aspects of the Intralace System. Anyone who knows me will know I love to laugh and have fun with all our amazing team and clients. It's a real family atmosphere here at the Manchester studio and we all thrive of making our clients feel amazing!


Marika - Bristol Studio Manager

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My journey with Lucinda Ellery began 11 years ago working in the London studio. I progressed over the years and then made the move to Bristol to manage the studio in 2015. I feel extremely proud of what I have achieved and count my blessings everyday that I have the opportunity to work within such an amazing company. I am very privileged to be able to meet and change the lives of so many amazing women. My role is varied from managing the studio to conducting consultations, I am also lucky enough to travel to other locations across the UK from time to time. Even though I have other aspects to my job now, I will always absolutely love building systems and getting hands on in the studio, I put my heart and soul into the process and it always gives me such satisfaction in being able to achieve such incredible transformations. Of course none of this would be possible without my exceptional team by my side here in Bristol who make me extremely proud everyday, and together we have helped build another fantastic studio within the Lucinda Ellery family!


Simone - London Studio Manager

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My Journey started at LE in 2007 after working in an established salon for 7 years as an accomplished hairstylist & extension technician, I felt the need to move on in my career. Joining LE offered me a different outlook and skills in terms of what I could offer and personal growth also.

One of my favourite and most recent memories, is being promoted to assistant manager. This took place in our London client lounge, with most of the London LE team present. The experience was a complete surprise to me I was filled with gratitude and a little overwhelmed at the same time. My desire in this role is to continue to offer the best support to my ability to the entire team at LE and clients alike.


Nicole - Los Angeles Studio Manager

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I'm a Connecticut native, and have been with the Lucinda Ellery family Since 2013. I'm a warm personality with an attention to detail and think this is a perfect combination to manage our Los Angeles location. I specialize, in hair color, hair extension, and the Intralace system. I enjoy managing the staff as well as still looking after our clients myself.

Outside of work, my hobbies include spending time in West Hollywood neighbourhood, and spending time in the Sunny Cal weather. I love making frequent visits to our Manhattan NYC location where I can spread my love and knowledge of women's hair enhancement to both coasts. I believes that life is an adventure and I am lucky to be part of such a wonderful community of women.


Marina - Los Angeles U.S Studio Manager

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I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over a decade and came to work at Lucinda Ellery because I felt drawn to the nature of Lucinda’s mission of helping women feel confident and beautiful. I have been working at the Beverly Hills studio for 7 years. My speciality at our studio is creating new Intralace Systems and love it when clients rave about my razor cuts! In my downtime, I am driven by music and art in all mediums, including photography, and enjoy always finding new ways to stay creative.


Darren - Edinburgh Studio Manager

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joined LE June 2016 ... LE has given me the opportunity to rise within the company from being a lead technician to Assistant Manager and then Studio Manager within the 2 yrs ... I love working with LE as I get the chance of travelling to other studios and meeting clients from all over U.K. .. which I thoroughly enjoy as I'm a people's person .. I find my role very rewarding and, occasionally emotional, (sadness or overjoy) but that's the caring side of me. My hobbies/interests are Swimming, Running and the gym. I also enjoy shopping and travelling. I love interior design and painting and decorating.


Paulo - Southampton Manager

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I joined Lucinda Ellery in 2019 and straight away fell in love with the job and what we do for others. Being a hairdresser since I was 16 years old I always had a passion for hair and customer service. Since I started work for Lucinda Ellery I combine my passion with the joy to help someone to fulfilling their dream. There’s never a dull day working in here and my favourite is when we have a new client, and after the system is fitted they get to see their friends and family waiting for them in the reception area - their reactions are worth everything. That moment always gets me; I Love Lucinda for that.


Sylwia - Southampton Studio Manager

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I started my journey with Lucinda Ellery in 2014 as an assistant at the London salon. With the amazing support of the managers and senior members of the team I have progressed to work my way up within the company. I have always loved the friendly environment and the spiritual atmosphere that Lucinda has created, and being a part of the beautiful transformations of our lovely clients has given me such love and passion for what we do.

I was given the incredible opportunity to become the studio manager of our Solihull location. I was and am so very grateful, I felt so lucky to share all my knowledge with my lovely team.

I'm now continuing the adventure by moving to our Southampton studio. As with Solihull we'll work together to bring the best possible service to our lovely clients.


Kat - Midlands Studio Manager

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I have been working at Lucinda Ellery for nearly 4 years which I absolutely love, the happiness we give to our clients through what we do is incomparable to anything else. Every day I am lucky enough to meet wonderful women; each with a different story to tell and a journey I can be a part of. Coming from a hairdressing background I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of starting my journey at the studio as a junior stylist and assistant and then move on to learn the Intralace System and extensions and then becoming the assistant manager. If you visit it us at Solihull you'll be sure to see me with a smile on my face and glitter in my hair.


Amanda - London Stylist Manager

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I have been working at Lucinda Ellery since 2014 and I am based at the London Studio. Starting as a stylist, I quickly recognised how much I could expand my hairdressing knowledge by working with extensions and our various Intralace System options. It is so interesting to see how we can create a natural looking head of hair by using our extremely creative systems. Learning more about hair loss and the effects it can have, especially for a woman, interested me more, knowing that what we do here at Lucinda Ellery is very much a life changing experience. I feel more compassionate about what I do as a stylist, helping women get over their fears of how they feel about themselves and how others see them. I became assistant manager late 2016, and then stylist manager mid 2017. Through this role I am helping build up our ever growing London styling team that is full of fun and compassion. I will always do my very best to keep our styling modern and fresh and ensure that each and every client leaves looking and feeling like a million dollars.


Clive - London Stylist Manager

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I have been with Lucinda Ellery since 2017, and not a day goes by where I do not love this job. To see the client's journey from the first time they walk in to when they leave can be quite emotional, and a feeling that will forever stick with me.


Laura - Senior Bristol Studio Manager

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I started at Lucinda Ellery 6 years ago as a Stylist. I have really grown within the company throughout my time here, and I am very grateful I can do what I enjoy every day and help grow and boost the team.

The Bristol studio is a very friendly and personal environment and I really feel I am giving something back by working here. Getting to transform ladies and seeing how much confidence they gain with real appreciation is a really rewarding feeling and I feel lucky to be a part of it.


Dominika - Bristol Studio Manager

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I’ve been part of the Lucinda Ellery Team since 2017 first starting as an assistant and soon after becoming a senior technician. Creating the Intralace system and knowing the impact it has on so many women's lives is really the best feeling. My role within the company has helped bring out my confidence too. I’ve enjoyed every challenge I’ve faced and I’m so grateful to be a part of our client's journeys.


Kerry - HR Manager

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I joined Lucinda Ellery in 2018 I was amazed at the project in front of me and how this would excite me. The staff, clients and the team I work with are all fantastic. I've had in-depth experience of employee relations and managed to use them wisely. Lucinda Ellery really is a inspiring place to work where I feel I have made true friends and I have gained a broad range of knowledge.


Maria - London Assistant Studio Manager

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I started my journey with Lucinda Ellery 8 years ago as an Assistant at the London HQ studio and I absolutely love it. With the amazing support of the Managers and senior members of the team I have progressed to becoming Assistant Manager. I consider myself lucky to do something that I love and to be able to make a difference to the lovely ladies lives with what we offer here at Lucinda Ellery.


Danielle - Edinburgh Studio Manager

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I have been working for Lucinda for the past 5 years and I absolutely love working with the women who come in here and getting to know them so I can closely help them each individually with their hair loss. I have been a hairstylist for 15 years and can wholeheartedly say this has been the most amazing journey at Lucinda’s that I wouldn’t see myself doing anything else. Every day I am surrounded by people’s different stories and experiences that help make working here feel amazing that each day is different and exciting. With my hair knowledge I have so much to offer the clients and enjoy every client in my seat helping them to feel confident and beautiful in my own little way! I look forward to the ladies coming back to tell me how they are getting on and giving them the skills they need to approach their life with hair-loss confidently!


Julie - Operations Manager

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I have recently joined Lucinda Ellery as Operations Manager in head office Hammersmith, London. I accepted the position as I felt the passion for the business from the moment I had my first chat with the directors and the team. My previous roles over the last 25 years have always been with high profile branded companies in various management / customer service roles all over the world. I love the family feel at Lucinda Ellery and the commitment from the staff in helping women, which is very rewarding. I am looking forward to my journey with Lucinda Ellery and being part of its continued growth and success.

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