London Hair Loss Studio

A hive of industry and a helping of luxury at our flagship London hair studio for women

We moved into our London headquarters in Hammersmith in 2000, when the company had been running for 16 years, and it's been busy with both clients and research and development ever since.

At the beginning our focus was partly on hair extensions for glamour and we had a number of celebrity clients, but as our techniques for replacing and disguising hair loss continually developed we gradually moved our emphasis almost fully towards helping women with all types of hair loss.

You'll find a visit to our London salon a relaxing and satisfying experience. Lounge in sumptuous surroundings and enjoy complimentary cocktails throughout your appointment. The emphasis is on avoiding any feeling of being in a clinic but instead making you feel pampered and cared for - giving you a great day while we make your hair look gorgeous.

Introducing our highly experienced managers and stylists


Chantelle - Senior London Studio Manager

Chantelle has been with us for around 14 years, becoming expert in all our techniques, and delights in being part of so many life-changing moments for our clients.

Ewa - London Studio Manager

Ewa – London Studio Manager

Ewa has been with us since 2006, working through all the different roles in the team and thus being able to pass on her vast experience once she became a manager. She still loves meeting the clients best of all, and seeing their happiness at the transformations we are able to achieve for them.

A short tour of our London studio

Hair systems and services available at the London studio

Our London studio has been at the forefront of developing and improving new techniques to conceal all types of hair loss since it first opened, so naturally you have the full range of options available whatever your hair condition. You can be sure that your hair will be cared for by expert technicians and stylists who have worked on all types of hair loss many times before and can give you the best advice and service possible.

Your first consultation is always free so we can assess your situation and explain the options available to you. These can be either in person or via a video call. Once you've decided to proceed then you come into the studio where we'll be able to give you a thorough assessment and then discuss exactly what we recommend is done in your particular case. None of our systems are off-the-peg, each one is taiored to your case, but the main options are based on these categories:

  • Medi-connections - ultra-light extensions that provide volume without putting stress on the existing hair
  • The Intralace Minima - for milder cases and particularly for the front hair line, centre parting, and crown area
  • The Intralace System - for more extensive hair loss. May also include the Intralace Parting and Side Panels
  • The Intralace Freewear System - for cases of complete hair loss


Facilities available in the studio

Our work can be lengthy and can't be rushed - a full Intralace System may take all day in some cases - so we have a number of on-site options to help you relax and pass the time comfortably. Clients enjoy their own personal computer with Wifi connection and an extensive DVD library with complimentary headphones, complimentary drinks including wine and cocktails, a snack basket and a lunch delivery service.


For full information on the location and directions for getting there see our London Directions page.

To contact us about an appointment visit the London Contact page


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