Intralace Product Ingredients

Please see a list of the possible product ingredients used when creating the Intralace System.

Please note, Progum is used with all Integration Intralace system applications (not required for Intalace Freewear applications) however, the other products listed below are used when hair line prosthetics are required. Natural Hair Line Parting, Natural Hair Line Sides and tape requirements for total hair loss or partial total hair loss within specific areas of the scalp.


Alcohol denat, copal colophonium(rosin) , glycol rosinate, fumaric acid
99.9% pure alcohol
Blue Tape
Backing: Polyester Adhesive: Acrylic
Liner: Polycoated bleached kraft
Colour: Transparent
White Ultra Hold Tape
Backing: Polyurethane Adhesive: Acrylic
Liner: Polycoated Bleached Kraft
Color: Transparent
Davlyn Skin Protector
Deionized water, isopropanol, n-butyl polyester/maleic acid, plasticized ethyl cellulose
Walker Scalp Protector
Isopropyl alcohol, methacrylate film former, dimethyl phthalate
Supersolv Adhesive Remover
a mixture of branched chain hydrocarbons, fragrance


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