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Jacquie Beltrao - Video 6

Hair regrowth

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Video 6 - Hair Regrowth

The Intralace will NOT stop your hair from regrowing

Lucinda: Were you aware of your hair regrowing while you were using the Intralace, or were you concerned that it wouldn't because you were using the Intralace?

Jacquie: No. No and no. Well you can feel your hair falling out when you're doing chemo because you get this tingling feeling - it's like a sort of spikey feeling and you can feel when the hair is dying, you can feel it falling out.

Growing back I really wasn't aware of it apart from the fat that from time to time I'd have to get the Intralace tightened because it was growing and then your girls were saying "oh it's really growing; it's getting really long" but I didn't look at it for quite a long time and then when I did it was quite a nice surprise because it had grown so quickly and clearly, it's probably in the dark because it underneath all this other amazing hair, and that doesn't affect it.

Because my hair grew back just as quickly as anybody else's that I met who was going through treatment at the same time as me; if not quicker. So no, I wasn't worried. I couldn't feel it and I wasn't worried, but I knew it was happening.

Lucinda: Thank you so much Jacquie, for coming today and sharing your story about your chemotherapy and your Intralace experience with all the girls out there that are going to have this to deal with - it's going to be a great inspiration and I want to thank you for that, 'cos to be so public, I know you're a public person, but it's still a very private circumstance and you've been out there inspiring other people.I'm thanking you for them and us.

Jacquie: No, I'm thanking you, I'm thanking you, you saved my bacon.

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