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If you've suffered from the compulsions inherent in this condition you'll know how isolating it can be. The feelings of shame that often accompany it mean that you avoid telling anyone about it - even on the rare occasions that you find someone who is likely to be understanding. The pressure of "not being found out" can result in feeeling that your whole life revolves around hiding it.

You'll find a sympathetic ear at our Edinburgh hair loss salon. We've seen many women and girls with Trich and all our staff understand what it's like to battle against it. We'll offer both emotional and practical support as well as treatments, and a completely non-judgemental response to the occasional setbacks that are so common amongst Trich sufferers.

Transformations we make for our clients can range from subtle to dramatic

Restoring your appearance and confidence while stopping you from pulling

Our main treatment for Trich is the Intralace System which is so effective for disguising many other forms of hair loss. While wearing it you'll no longer need to worry about covering up the patches where you most commonly pull. However what makes it so valuable in helping you stop pulling is that basically the mesh that it's built around prevents you from reaching the roots of your hair - if you can't get to the hairs then you can't pull them! This breaks the cycle and gives you a "breathing space" - a period of time where you can start to break the habit and learn how to be aware when you're unconsciously pulling.

Your natural hair will continue to grow underneath the Intralace, so unless you've been pulling for a long time and the damage has become permanent, then after a few months when the system is removed for the first time you should find that your hair has begun to return to normal. Our Edinburgh consultants will assess the level of regrowth then advise you if they feel you're ready to move on to a lighter system or light extensions or if the system should be put back on for a further period of time.

Trichotillomania recovery is always a bit unpredictable, as everyone's pressures are different. Relapses do happen occasionally. However many of our clients at Edinburgh and elsewhere have found that the boost to their confidence that comes from looking good again and not worrying about their problem being discovered, combined with the improved condition of their hair as it gets a rest from pulling, allows them to regain control of their lives and their pulling urges. For those who do relapse, the same techniques will usually work just as well if not better the second time around - indeed it's often easier since you already know that the urges can be controlled.



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