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Causes and outlooks for thinning hair

Thinning hair can be caused by many conditions whether you're old or young. In some cases the hair will recover but in others it will continue to decline. For example

  • Illness or trauma - either physical or mental - can result in Telogen Effluvium - basically the hair growth cycle is put on hold while the body focuses its energy on healing the main problem. How long it takes depends on the severity of the cause.
  • Pregnancy and the weeks following the birth sees major changes in hormone levels which can have significant effects on your hair. This is usually a temporary phase but some women find their hair struggles to recover its previous fullness and condition.
  • Genetic factors may mean that you are prone to early thinning which unfortunately can't be cured.
  • Simply getting older past the menopause can see gradual Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Our Southampton salon deals with them all, and whatever the reason our staff there should be able to help restore your hair's fullness and bounce - and maybe even make it better than it was before. They take great joy in seeing their clients' renewed confidence and happy smiles when they see the results.

The type of transformations we can make to women's hair

Options for disguising it

Depending on how far your thinning has progressed and the underlying cause, we'll recommend the most suitable options for your circumstances and lifestyle. That could be for instance:

  • Temporary extensions - called Medi Connections - while your Telogen Effluvium runs its course
  • A lighter version of our Intralace System, called the Minima, if there's moderate loss
  • The full Intralace System where there's more extensive loss.

You'll be kept fully informed and empowered at every stage so you can be sure of making the right choices. Our priority is always to ensure that your own remaining hair won't be damaged and it has the best chance of recovery where that is possible.

Come and visit us in Southampton - or speak to us by video call initially if you prefer - and we'll be happy to discuss your hair problem and how we can help you. The first consultation is free and usually lasts about half an hour.


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