12 Steps to a Beautiful New You

What you need to know ahead of that all-important first booking and first salon visit.

A Yale study has proved that people make up their minds about others in three seconds flat, based on the hair on their heads, its colour and style, and how they wear it. Or their lack of it.

We can lose our hair to traditional female-pattern baldness, to alopecia, to pulling it out, to chemotherapy, an accident, or as a result of surgery. Female hair loss is obviously not a life-threatening medical condition, but it does hurt the soul, the psyche, your emotional security and your confidence. There is no woman alive who doesn’t adore having fabulous hair.

No scientist or doctor has yet worked out how to get disappearing hair to regrow despite decades – indeed, centuries – of trying. Whoever does finally crack it will make a guaranteed fortune and gain a place in history.

Until that day, the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy is here for you.

The following tips can help you on your journey by showing you what to expect and how to feel comfortable with the process.


Reassurance before you book

There’s no shame in having waited
It is not uncommon to wait for years before you find the courage to make that first call to Lucinda Ellery. You are not alone. No-one will chide you for not coming sooner. We know how hard it is to open up about hair loss to anyone else.
No lost causes
Many ladies think ‘what if there is nothing they can do?’ Be assured, our salons will always do their very best for every single woman who needs our help. It’s very rare indeed that we can’t offer something beneficial.
It’s Worth It!
Having a hair system applied – and maintaining it – is a commitment of both time and money. But having hair that looks like you were born with it is - as the famous advertising slogan says - so worth it. Often life-changingly so.

Practical matters for your first visit

Come prepared to make a day of it
It can take up to a full office day for your new hair to be applied and styled to you, depending on your individual circumstances. Dress comfortably and bring something to eat. The stylists have their lunch break, the client needs one too.
Relax and enjoy it
All the usual salon comforts are to hand: teas, coffees, wine, WiFi, magazines, chat, support and laughs. Relax and enjoy your visit. It’s not a clinic – you’re there to be pampered. Most of our ladies say they look forward to their visits immensely.
Feel free to ask questions. If you don’t understand what’s happening you’ll feel anxious, so don’t hesitate to ask. It’s not like you’re at the dentist and can’t speak!

Prepare emotionally for the result

Everyone is different so even though the most common reaction is very positive it may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve suffered many years of hair loss. You may have a lot of emotion to release. You might even prefer to have a friend or relative come and pick you up rather than driving yourself.

It might feel strange at first
You may initially feel “buyer’s regret”. Like with all major purchases, it’s not uncommon. You can be so used to wisps of hair with no volume that having a full head of hair can feel fake at first - like it’s not really you. Give it time and you’ll realise it’s what you’ve dreamed of.
You may cry - for joy
More likely there will be joy, relief, tears of happiness, your family showering you with compliments at the “new you”. It’s not unknown for complete strangers to remark how good/happy you look. Give yourself space to enjoy it and take it all in.
Revel in the feelings
Toss your head around, feel the wind in your hair for the first time in ages without worrying about revealing anything embarrassing! The feeling of liberation is a powerful boost to your well-being.

Short term effects or problems can be overcome

If things don’t feel quite right, tell us.

Initial tightness
It’s common for an Intralace to feel a little tight at first (but not too tight). Some people get used to it immediately while others take a few days. That’s perfectly normal. If it still feels tight or uncomfortable then call us.
However, if you go home unsure about your new hair, or your other half or family has issues with it, or you simply can’t adjust to it, call Lucinda Ellery at once and come straight back in. We will work with you until you love it.

And Finally

Make sure you book regular follow-up appointments. Sometimes in the excitement of seeing your new hair for the first time the next appointment gets forgotten (we can get caught up in it too!). If we haven’t already fixed one for you then do remind us. We recommend every six weeks to adjust any extensions or your Intralace, because there will be slippage as your own hair underneath any system grows.

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