Manchester Hair loss Studio

Near Deansgate in the city centre

Manchester opened in 2009 and was our second UK studio as we began to expand beyond London. It has proven to be a big hit with Mancunians and for a while we had quite a long waiting list. However this has now been solved by the opening of a new extension in 2023 with additional staff and a floor space of 2000 sq ft. It is situated in the St Ann's Passage shopping centre in King Street - on the first floor above the exclusive French store of Herm├Ęs Paris.

The original studio was always elegantly decorated and the new extension has prompted a clean fresh refit. It's surrounded by numerous shops and restaurants so you can plan a great day around your visit.

For full information on the location and directions for getting there see our Manchester Directions page.

To contact us about an appointment see the Manchester Contact page


Introducing our highly experienced staff


Domonique - Manchester Studio Manager

Domonique and Tom are amongst our most experienced consultants. Domonique joined us in 2007 in London and then relocated to Manchester when it first opened, so she's been there from the beginning.

She feels it's important to make clients feel comfortable and like part of the family, whether they've been coming to us for a long-time or are first-timers.



Tom - Manchester Studio Manager

Tom joined Lucinda Ellery in 2010, initially as a human hair extensions technician before becoming an expert in all aspects of the Intralace System.

He too enjoys creating a family atmosphere where staff and clients alike can have a fun experience and enjoy their time in the studio while their hair is transformed.

Manchester exterior

St Ann's Passage entrance leading to our Manchester Studio

Hair systems and services available at Manchester

Naturally the full range of our hair loss techniques are available at the Manchester salon, and Domonique and Tom ensure that all their staff are fully trained and experienced in how to design and apply them individually for each client.

Initial consultations can be either in-person or via video call, and these are always free. If you decide to go ahead then we'll give you a more detailed assessment and decide, with your informed agreement, which technique is most suitable for your particular hair condition. The main options are the following:

  • Medi-connections - ultra-light extensions designed to provide volume without stressing the existing hair
  • The Intralace Minima - for milder cases and particulalry for the front hair line, centre parting, and crown area
  • The Intralace System - for more extensive hair loss. May also include the Intralace Parting and Side Panels
  • The Intralace Freewear System - for cases of total hair loss

All hair systems are designed and built from scratch to match your individual case - we never use off-the-peg options which might not suit your particular condition.


Facilities available in the studio

Some of our procedures can take a few hours to complete so we have a number of on-site options to help you relax and pass the time comfortably. Wi-fi and a DVD library, complimentary drinks including wine and cocktails, a snack basket and a lunch delivery service.


To contact us about an appointment see the Manchester Contact page.

For full information on the location and directions for getting there see our Manchester Directions page.


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