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Disguising the effects of thinning hair and FPHL in women

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Remember how your hair felt when you were young? When you could run your fingers through thick luxuriant locks and toss your head and feel your hair moving and bouncing with it. For many women those feelings are long gone as their hair has become thinner in later years. Our London hair studio has the techniques and expertise developed over 40 years to help you regain the feeling and look of full, thick, bouncy hair.

What could be causing your thinning hair?

Thinning hair is often assumed to be associated with later life, but it can develop at any age. Sometimes it's a temporary effect, but sometimes it's progressive and the hair never regains its former thickness. There are many possibles reasons, for instance:

  • Serious Illness or trauma - such as an accident or a bereavement - can result in Telogen Effluvium. The body switches its resources to healing and recovery and reduces anything non-essential, including hair. The hair growth cycle enters a resting phase where more hair is shed than is being grown, so it gets thinner until the growth phase can be resumed. Once the crisis has passed and you've returned to full health then it should start growing again, but this can take time and it's possible it may not return as fully as before.
  • Hormonal changes leading up to and following childbirth can have significant effects on your hair - usually these are temporary and resolve once your body returns to normal, but some women find their hair never quite regains its previous health.
  • The Menopause also caused hormonal changes and once again these can affect your hair. However these are likely to be ongoing unless you are put on Hormone Replacement Therapy by your doctor.
  • Genetics - thinning hair often runs in families - in both the male and female line. Known as Androgenetic Alopecia it can cause early thinning which can't be cured as it's built into your DNA.

Where they are permanent or long-lasting, these conditions will often be referred to as Female Pattern Hair Loss - an overall diffuse thinning.


An example of the type of transformation we can provide for our lovely London clients

Getting your bounce back

Our London studio has been at the forefront of finding the best ways to conceal female hair loss and restore those feelings of having thick rich hair. Sometimes we can even help our clients to have fuller hair than they've ever had before and give them styles that were never previously possible.

We'll evaluate your particular case, advise on whether we think it might be useful to also see a doctor, and suggest which of our techniques would be a suitable option for you. That could be ultra-fine temporary extensions called Medi Connections - which can add volume while, for instance, Telogen Effluvium runs its course; a lighter version of our Intralace System called the Minima where there's moderate hair loss; or a full version of the Intralace where there's more extensive loss. Making sure that your own hair won't be further damaged is very important to us, as is keeping you fully informed throughout the process.

Our aim is for you to join the ranks of the many women who leave our studio with broad smiles and the renewed vitality that comes from looking and feeling great.



The Next Step - Contacting Us

If you live in or within reach of London, then our Hammersmith studio is easily accessible. Come and see us and we'll advise you on your hair loss problems with a sympathetic and constructive approach.

The first consultation is free and if you prefer you can have a video consultation instead.

To contact us about an appointment or get more information see the London Contact page where you can send us an enquiry or give us a call.

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For further information see our Telogen Effluvium and our Hair Thinning pages where you'll also find links to the galleries of our various techniques.


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