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Concealing Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) and reducing its psychological effect

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Melanie before Intralace

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What makes FFA so different?

The majority of female hair loss conditions tend to be over the whole head with thinning occuring rather than baldness in the way men usually experience it. FFA is different - it starts with inflamation at the front and/or sides of the hairline and this causes a receding effect that gradually moves towards the back; leaving bare skin in its wake on which hair can no longer grow due to scarring. (FFA is sometimes called Scarring Alopecia for this reason.)

Thinning or patchy hair loss is bad enough, but actually going bald at the front is hard for women to handle as it's defeminising, so the psychological effects run deep. At the London studio we're used to seeing women come in to us who say that they've lost themselves.

Medical research still in its infancy

It's only in the last thirty years that FFA has even been a recognised condition, so research and understanding is still limited. As far as treatments are concerned, anti-imflammatories can can slow down the disease, and sometimes it appears that it can burn itself out after which the hair-line can stabilise, but in other cases it keeps on progressing, and once it has there is little further that can be done, and the women in that situation can often feel rather abandoned.




An example of the type of transformation we can provide for our lovely London clients

How we can conceal the effects of FFA

Where the hairline has receded the only effective alternative to wigs is a variation on our Intralace System incorporating the Natural Hair Line Parting and Sides as necessary. The main system can usually be integrated with your own hair, possibly with some additional medical grade tape used to hold it in place at the front and sides where there is bare skin. Where there is already extensive receding then our Freewear system may be necessary. Our staff in London will give you full instructions on how to reapply the tape when it's required.

The results are a very natural appearance as can be seen in our galleries and videos, and are semi-permanent. Jenny's Story is an example of the sort of difference that can be made to women's lives.


The Next Step - Contacting Us

If you live in or within reach of London, then our Hammersmith studio is easily accessible. Come and see us and we'll advise you on your hair loss problems with a sympathetic and constructive approach.

The first consultation is free and if you prefer you can have a video consultation instead.

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