Bristol Hair Loss Studio

A haven of peace and calm in Clifton

We launched our Bristol studio in 2014 - it was the fourth of our UK salons - and it's been providing specialist hair loss solutions for women in the South-West area of England ever since. Finding premises that are both central enough to be accessible while quiet enough to provide the atmosphere we like to create is often difficult, so we were delighted to find this location in Pembroke Road in the elegant Clifton area of the city.


Introducing our expert staff

Laura - Bristol Stylist Studio Manager

Laura - Bristol Senior Studio Manager

Laura joined us in 2017 as a stylist and has been developing her skills ever since.

Dominika - Bristol Studio Manager

Dominika - Bristol Studio Manager

Dominika has been with us since 2017, quickly becoming a senior technician before later moving up to be manager.

Hair systems and services available at Bristol

The full range of our hair loss techniques are available and all our staff are fully trained in their application.

Initial consultations can be done in person or via video call, and these are always free. If you decide to go ahead then we'll give you a more detailed assessment and decide, with your agreement, which technique is most suitable for your particular hair condition. This could be anything between the following options:

  • Medi-connections - ultra-light extensions designed to provide volume without stressing the existing hair
  • The Intralace Minima - for milder cases and particulalry for the front hair line, centre parting, and crown area
  • The Intralace System - for more extensive hair loss
  • The Intralace Freewear System - for cases of total hair loss

All our hair systems are designed and built specifically for your case - we never use off-the-peg options which might not suit your particular condition.


Facilities available in the studio

Some of our procedures can take a few hours to complete so we have a number of on-site options to help you relax and use the time. Wi-fi and a DVD library, complimentary drinks including wine and cocktails, a snack basket and a lunch delivery service.


To contact us about making an appointment see the Bristol Contact page where you can send us an enquiry or give us a call.

For details of our location and directions for getting there see our Bristol Directions page.


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