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An effective way to tackle Trichotillomania

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Learning to stop pulling in a supportive environment

Every woman who has suffered from Trichotillomania knows how dreadfully isolating it can be. You don't know why you do it, you may even think you're the only person who does it, and no matter how much you want to, you can't stop. It probably started when you were a teenager, and you were afraid to tell your parents, and you began spending hours trying to cover up the areas you were pulling from. Maybe you've tried distractions like fidget toys, or wearing gloves, or hats. You may well have become reluctant to socialise because you're ashamed of it and convinced that no-one can ever understand what you're going through. Maybe you've stopped going to a hairdresser because they don't know what to do. It's an all too common story.

Here at our London hair loss studio you'll find an understanding atmosphere. We see many women and girls with Trichotillomania and all our staff understand how it can be a blight on your life - producing guilt feelings and introversion. We've seen the rollercoaster of periods where you think maybe you've beaten it only for a recurrence to undo weeks of effort in a few hours. No-one here will ever judge you for those setbacks that are such common occurrance.


How regrowth can take place underneath the Intralace while it prevents pulling

Giving you a rest from pulling while making you look and feel great again

Lucinda herself became closely involved with helping Trich sufferers and realised that the same Intralace System that she had been developing to help disguise other forms of hair loss would have a unique benefit for them. The mesh that the Intralace is based on sits close to the scalp with your own hair threaded through it, and that means that your fingers can't reach the hair roots where you normally pull. For those who pull consciously it's an impenetrable barrier, while for those who don't realise they're pulling it's also a reminder of what they're doing.

Being unable to pull gives you a rest from the anxiety. Not having to spend time covering up patches of loss gives you freedom to enjoy that rest. Looking good weariing the Intralace restores your confidence and opens the door to improved social contact, and all these together will often be the combination that helps you to stop pulling for good.

Your hair will continue to grow underneath, and unless you've been pulling for so long that you've done permanent damage, then the hair at the pulling sites will start to recover. Each time you come in for a reallignment our London experts will assess that regrowth and can then advise you on whether the Intralace should be reapplied for a further period or if it may be time to move to a lighter option as you gradually return to a normal pull-free life.

The nature of Trich makes it unpredictable, and relapses sometimes occur due to life pressures, but the improved confidence and self-awareness that the vast majority of our clients develop means that they are far better equipped to handle them if they do. Should they need a little extra help then the Intralace can always be reapplied to provide a further respite, and will usually be even more effective the second time around.

You can read more about Trichotillomania and watch videos about our clients' successes in combating it.


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