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Restoring the feeling of full bouncy hair for women of any age using the Intralace System

Client D before

Client D before Intralace

Client D after

Client D after Intralace

What causes thinning hair in women?

There are many causes of thinning hair - some of them temporary, some more permanent - and they can appear at any age. For instance:

  • Illness or trauma can result in Telogen Effluvium - basically the hair growth cycle resting while the body deals with more important matters of healing itself.
  • Hormone changes during or after pregnancy can have significant effects on your hair - usually temporary but sometimes longer-lasting.
  • Genetic inheritance can leave you prone to early thinning and that is something that can't be cured, while simply getting older can see gradual thinning.

Our Bristol salon deals with them all, and whatever the reason the staff will take great satisfaction in helping our clients to get back the bounce and fullness that they used to have - maybe even a bit more than they used to have - along with the renewed confidence and joy that looking and feeling good produces.

The type of dramatic transformations we can make to women's hair

Giving you the best options

Depending on the extent of your thinning and the likely cause of it we'll come up with the best options for your particular circumstances - whether that's temporary extensions while your Telogen Effluvium runs its course, a lighter version of our Intralace System, called the Minima, if there's moderate loss, or one of the fuller versions where there's more extensive loss.

We take great care to make sure that your own hair won't be damaged and you'll be kept fully informed and empowered at every stage.

The Next Step - Contacting Us

Come and visit us in Clifton - there's a rail station just 10 minutes walk from the studio - and we'll be happy to discuss your hair problem and how we can help you.

The first consultation is free and if you prefer you can have a video consultation instead of a face-to-face.


To contact us about an appointment or get more information visit the Bristol Contact page where you can send us an enquiry or give us a call.

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