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Dearest lovely clients one and all,

It's Christmas any moment now. How completely staggering it is that time passes by so quickly and how important it is to make the most of every minute of it. We are truly living for each day, not in the past and not in the future.

I always start with a thank you for all your cards and letters and how grateful we are to receive them. In fact I have enclosed a divine letter I received together with the star letter as I was so delighted that our endeavours to bring our services closer to some of you are so appreciated. I may not have the pleasure of bumping in to you at our London Studio but remember that although I might not be around physically, I am with you in spirit for eternity.

In October we had a lovely pink day at our studios in celebration of our efforts to help families facing breast cancer with the charity Breast Cancer Care and raised a total of £408.65 for the week. Thank you so much for all your donations that will go to this fantastic cause.


In Disney World In Disney World

Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year. Thank you so much for making us your go to place when having your hair done. We appreciate you.

All my Love




I am always looking to improve my life experiences, finding ways to do that and sharing it with others. Studying these two people is very uplifting for me and may be worth you considering too.

… we think we are here to get stuff, prove yourself, and find people to love you. Instead you are here to get peace, be yourself, and find people to love. We’re not here to fix the world instead to appreciate what is before you and see the world through new eyes. Teaching and learning are one in the same. You cannot teach without learning and can’t learn without teaching. The end decree is the peace and love and teach that daily….. - Alan Cohen, A Course in Miracles Made Easy

What a wonderful book and just the beginning, I can’t wait to study more and as usual I have great interest in the meaning of life and what we are here for really. I have been studying Eckhart Tolle, considered to be the number 1 modern day metaphysician and spiritual speaker, number 2 being the Dalai Lama and number 3, Dr Wayne Dyer. Eckhart is difficult to study because he starts off by telling us how dangerous, toxic and frightening humanity really is. Slaughtering a hundred million of our own species in the 20th century and how we are now systematically dismantling our own ecosystem. The broader sense of where we find ourselves at this particular space of human development points to the need for us to raise our awareness collectively, so that we can find a better way to live our lives. With the internet and a light shining on human behaviour towards children, women and torture of anyone we deem different. This light being shone can lead us to more accountability, lead us to better more healing frequencies for when we all live and survive by someway of learning and treating one another with honour, love and forgiveness. We will find the greatness in humanities potential.

These studies are impacting my own life and making me increasingly aware how important it is to live presently in this moment, the only one in which we truly have. We live on such a beautiful planet and I am full of hope that we can nurture it and survive the harsh requirements of mankind. So for every kindness and expression of love that we can share with each other really and truly does count and really matters. Meeting the souls that I am surrounded by I appreciate the frequency of pleasure, relief and joy that I experience all around me on a day to day basis and how lucky I truly am. I have decided to tackle a Course in Miracles, for real.

Here we go... Onwards and upwards.





Hi Miriam,

Hope you are well. I don’t know if you remember me but I emailed you a few times a few months ago regarding the hair replacement system. I have now had it for over a month and still not thanked the team for all they have done. Please accept my apologies as I have been busy with work and life in general that it has completely slipped my mind.

Firstly I would like to thank you for all your help before I came for my appointment, you really put me at ease in regards to the system and I felt comfortable knowing all my questions were answered so professionally and thoroughly. You are very approachable and I knew I could ask you anything and I would get a helpful reply, so thank you. Also thanks to Chris on my first initial consultation, without his convincing and expertise I would never have gone ahead with this.

Secondly, the team on the day, (forgive me if I have forgotten any of the names) but as far as I remember it was Chantelle, Ekene and Marcia. Thanks to Chantelle for constantly checking I was having a comfortable experience and for her input in the style of the hair it really made a difference having her opinion on it all.

Thank you to Ekene for all her time and effort in making the system, I can’t imagine it’s an easy job and you have to be pretty nimble with your fingers to get it so perfect and she did it perfectly. I really appreciate the time that went into fitting the system on for me.

Thank you to Marcia for getting the hair colour and style EXACTLY how I wanted it, I can’t emphasize enough how perfect she got it all, all I had to do was show her a few pictures and she took it from there. She made me feel so comfortable whilst styling the hair and make me feel and look a million dollars. Next time I come to the studio I will definitely be asking for her to assist me.

Also before I forget I would like to thank Niamh for her assistance during my first wash. She was so informative and understanding, it’s really helped me in washing the hair myself.

Please accept my apologies if I have got any names wrong or if I’ve forgotten anybody, since getting the system I have felt so much more womanly and confident in myself. I finally feel like a girl as I have never had any length in my hair so it is something that has always bothered me deep down. I am so pleased to have come across this, I was giving up on finding any sort of solution because I found it so tedious, but I’m glad I didn’t give up completely as this has truly changed my life. Thank you all once again for everything you have done, and see you soon. Please pass on my thanks to the team Miriam, would be much appreciated.

Thank you once again,


“What a thrill and consolation you have to see your business as it is today and you know that it is in such efficient hands for the future.”

Dear Lucinda,

After coming to Chiswick to you all for my wonderful hair for ten or more years, yesterday I went, with some trepidation (I don’t know why) to Solihull. I want to tell you what a lovely, lovely day I had with them. I was made extremely welcome and am very pleased with their work. I found it really convenient from home with good parking facilities and so I have booked my future appointment there. It does mean that I will not be coming to Chiswick. I want to thank you, Dax, Chris and all the team for their constant concern, attention and professional work over this long period. I have enjoyed and appreciated the relationship since the day I came to you for my consultation. My husband also has enjoyed the visits with me to Chiswick. I saw yesterday from the newsletter that you are taking a step back. Join the Club. You must now enjoy things that you haven’t had time for during the busy business life. What a thrill and consolation you have to see your business as it is today and you know that it is in such efficient hands for the future.

Snow covered trees

All the very best from my husband and I.

We wish you many long and happy years ahead with much love

From Margaret



Hairy Hacks to Tame Your Inner Groundhog

We've all had days when it seems that all we do is go around in circles, even when we'd rather do anything but. A few days is one thing, but what happens when days become weeks and months become years? So frustrating when all we want to do is break free. What we're talking about here is habits. Habits are behaviours in action. And it's the ones we'd like to shake off that are fertile ground for our inner groundhog.

The good news is as creatures of habit we all need basic structure and routine to help us survive and thrive in life. On the flipside, also lurking about are the not so good habits – and this is where TTM has a field day. For many of us TTM is a deeply entrenched habit which is likely to be residing in the ‘months become years’ patch. Our habits also fall into two camps, conscious and unconscious, and TTM has traits in both. We’re aware we have a habit, but are often unaware of both the triggers which make us pull, and the act of pulling itself sometimes, so it becomes something we do without thinking (unconscious).

Groundhog Day

The trick therefore is to outwit our inner groundhog and invite our Inspector Clouseau to make an appearance. Believe me he will serve you well as you shine a lens on some of the behaviours that fall into the doingwithout-thinking camp. By becoming more aware of your triggers, associated behaviours and times of day, you become far better equipped to tackle the problem and unlock a whole new world of possibility and choice.

Just to get you in the zone, habits are everywhere. We simply bring them to life through our beliefs and attitude towards all kinds of things like food, drink, work, money, health, sleep, and for those of us with TTM, hair.

Strange as it may seem, the brain makes no distinction between a good and bad habits, they are just habits. Behaviour in action, on autopilot. That's it. It is us that makes the distinction between good and bad and it's just our unconscious brain that steals the show, with our rational brain playing second fiddle. No wonder we struggle to outwit it sometimes. Sayings like, 'we are what we do', or 'we are what we eat'. Demonstrate that same principle.

The good news is the brain can - through a process called neuroplasticity - rewire itself and help us change our behaviour. However, to get to this point, we need to first acknowledge, second accept and third, learn to love the problem because it’s part of who we are, and what’s not to love about you or me?

When I finally stopped pulling it was because of a number of small things that I did, over and over again, so I was effectively unlearning a number of bad habits which all contributed to the pulling. This is very important because in order to change a deeply entrenched habit we need to do something different, over and over.

So, starting with something small will help. So not one big thing? Nope, absolutely not, and not willpower either. Determination, commitment and belief yes, but not willpower. The other thing is don't ever give up. (that's part of the belief thing).

I'd love you to give these 4 hairy hacks a go and rewire your day (over and over) with this habit makeover:

Triggers Know your pulling triggers – stress, tiredness, driving, showering, bathing, reading, watching TV, at the pc, relaxing and so on. Identify your top 3. Knowing what they are will increase your awareness of the pulling habit.

Times – identifying times of day, when, how long for etc. Are you aware every time you pull? or is someone digging you in the rib, or saying 'you're picking/leave your hair alone/stop' (or something worse).

Secret Squirrel? – do you pull in secret? Are you more likely to pull when no-one's watching, to keep the shame and embarrassment at bay? Pulling in secret also suggests that you're selective and you have some control over when you do it Try not to feel bad, we’re primates after all and we all love a good pick, scratch and itch don't we. Make a note of your secret times. When, what you're doing, time of day.

Saying it's okay – Let's be honest, people do weird stuff. Period. What's so weird about pulling? Normalising TTM is part of the acceptance. I'm pull free for almost 7 years, but I still have TTM and that's fine. The only difference is my relationship to it; so I feel in control not the other way round.

With all this new information, you need to learn how to ‘break state’ that means interrupting yourself when you catch yourself pulling. You can also mix things up a bit and re-order (rewire) your normal routines. Simply doing everyday things in a different order helps to break state also.


Good luck. Love to hear how you get on.

Here’s to a very happy hairy 2018.



m: 07887 824209


Brain Change

Lucy Brown



One of our TTM clients has recommended a new product to us called Keen. It's the world's first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behaviour tracker.

It looks like a watch or fitness tracker, but instead it helps you become aware of subconscious behaviours (collectively known as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours, or BFRBs) like hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, even thumb-sucking.

You 'train' it by performing your specific behaviour for 15 seconds. For example, if you typically play with a patch of hair before pulling, you train Keen by playing with the hair. The motion sensors record the repetitive way you do the behaviour, and thereafter silently monitors your hand. Once recorded, Keen simply makes you aware with a gentle vibration when you do the behaviour.

Please visit their website should you want more information about it:


Hair products



I am sure you have all been made aware by our amazing styling teams of the new in salon hair product range Kevin Murphy. Our New York and Los Angeles studios have raved about this brand and it really does work magic on our client’s systems and hair extensions. Slowly but surely we have been implementing Kevin Murphy products into our UK studios and much to our delight this hair care range is truly magnificent.

Here is what Amanda, our London Stylist Manager, has to say about the products:

"Kevin Murphy products are environmentally friendly and animal cruelty free. They are all produced with plant and fruit extracts with heat protection and UV filters. As Kevin Murphy products use natural ingredients, they are highly concentrated which means a little goes a long way. Please ask your stylist for recommendations and how to use them. I hope you all enjoy."



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