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This time of year always is a poignant one for me and one of great reflection, one where I am not only thankful for what has gone before but also one where I am looking forward to a new year, a new start and a new slate on which to write our 2016 story.

TTM night

2015 has had so many highlights that it is almost impossible to choose a favourite. One thing I do like to see throughout the year, of which 2015 has been no exception, is long standing team members experiencing change. Last year brought about pregnancies (and more babies), journeys to the other side of the world to fall in love and many of my angels progressing within work and within their lives. On that note 2015 has been no different. One such angel Faye, who has been with Lucinda Ellery for over 8 years has finally gone on maternity leave! We are super excited to welcome yet another LE baby into the team but as one angel leaves another returns and it gives me such joy in my heart to welcome back studio manager Ewa who will be back at work on a part time basis, she missed the clients and team so much and couldn’t wait to get back........ the ebbs and flows of life continue and with every baby, every returning angel and every positive change, it reassures me we are always looked after by our own angels.

Another amazing announcement to make is that my darling girls Claudia and Chantelle have been promoted to studio supervisors! After a combined total of 15 years of loyal service and hard work these beautiful young women are testament to the saying that what you sow you really do reap, congratulations girls! I would like to say thank you girls from me, your colleagues and the clients..... we are so grateful!

The Lucinda Ellery mission to help ladies live, thrive and survive with TTM continues and continues with the speed and force of lightening! National No Pulling Week ran as usual in October with many of our clients coming forward (some for the first time) to talk about their TTM to national press, a very brave and inspiring step indeed. Year on year National No Pull Week seems to grow in momentum with newspapers, tv and radio wanting to feature our amazing clients and shine a light on their journey in managing their TTM. You will see some of these press clippings on the press page of our newsletter but I would like to personally thank my clients and my team for joining me in the campaign of education to help those experiencing TTM to get the help and support they need; this is vital as lives are damaged by this disorder. This isn’t over yet by a long way! For more information on the week, the purpose and the fabulous effect it has had this year visit our dedicated no pull website

Sticking with TTM, I am so delighted that the first LA Champagne and Cupcake event went with a bang! This was an event held by the Trichotillomania Learning Centre but hosted by Lucinda Ellery Beverly Hills with those clients experiencing TTM coming forward to share their stories, tricks, tips and success, this event fulfilled its purpose of support and sharing. The evening was also a fundraiser and in attendance was an esteemed professor from UCLA who shared his insight into body focused repetitive behaviours and the study of the subject clearly stating the need for more investment into this. All in all the evening was educational on many levels and I can’t wait to host our next event already. You can see some of the pictures of the evening below.

TTM evening TTM evening

TTM is maybe not one of the most commonly known hair loss related disorders but Chemotherapy definitely is, with studies and surveys showing that one of the first questions ladies ask when told they will need to undergo Chemotherapy being ‘but what about my hair?’. This year saw our brave client and Sky News presenter Jacqui Beltrao come forward about that exact fear and present to the world that this is a very real concern when one is diagnosed with cancer whether perceived as irrational or not. She documented her journey using the Lucinda Ellery Intralace System throughout her Chemotherapy and her subsequent hair loss. This had a ripple effect with ladies coming forward and shaking off the self inflicted shame of being concerned with something perceived as so minor as hair at such a crucial moment in time. Remember if it matters to you then it matters, regardless of the opinion of others!

I am so happy that our clients now talk of their hair journey pre/during and post to their friends, family, at support groups and to their Cancer nurses. This way of spreading the word has resulted in my team being invited to discuss the Intralace System and how it can work in at least alleviating concerns of hair loss throughout this stressful time. Ladies I can assure you, no matter why or what diagnosis you have been given for your hair loss, there is no shame in being concerned and having questions about how you can learn to manage your own individual condition whilst creating the most life like illusion of a full head of hair! Recently, our Operations Manager Priya and I have been invited to present at a number of dermatological society presentations this really does fill me with such positivity as 20 years ago this wouldn’t even have been entertained. Keep hope, we are making progress and steadily we will show the world that hair matters!!


Star Letter

Dear Lucinda

As I near the end of my successful treatment for breast cancer I had to write to say thank you. Through your fantastic system and wonderful team, you provided me with an important support in my journey over the last six months.

As I prepared for Chemotherapy, notwithstanding the medical fears, I found myself most worried about losing my hair; not for reasons of vanity primarily but more for the loss of privacy. I am a very private person who had discreetly managed my shock diagnosis, sharing with those closest to me but not wanting to broadcast my news. I did not want to be seen as a victim and was determined cancer would not define my life – my life is much fuller than this disease. For me your system protected me from the "rubber-neckers" and allowed me to carry on with life so when I felt good I could get out and about, safe in the knowledge that my challenges were tucked away under my lovely hair! It also allowed me to return to work half way through my chemo and this was a huge turning point as suddenly I was looking forward and planning ahead - getting my life back.

Yes there are wig options available but I felt these were old fashioned and limited. I run a marketing group and it's an industry where appearance has always been important so I had always spent time and money on my hair. I appreciate the investment I made may not be seen as accessible to all but actually when I worked out what I spent across an annual period it was definitely on a par and when I consider the life-line it gave me, it has been an invaluable investment.

Chemotherapy is challenging and there were ups and downs across my six cycles of treatment. However one low that I didn’t have to experience was seeing my hair fall out – that was a little blessing. I used the cold cap each time and in the end lost hair in the lower sides and back of my hair but at my first consultation Chris said I needed to keep only 10% of my hair for the system to work without tape – I clung onto that statistic and it really helped. I kept enough hair on top that my system stayed in place throughout the 18 weeks of treatment and it was only in the last two weeks that I had to use a little medical tape at the back and sides.

The team in Edinburgh were outstanding – they were my hair angels – Emma, Megan, Claire and Abby. I just loved the privacy and discretion of the salon married with the fun and laughter – we have laughed so much, the girls are such fun but never at the expense of professionalism – I felt fully supported and confident every step of the way. I took the decision not to interfere with my system throughout the chemo but kept in touch with Emma by phone and knew that if I needed an emergency appointment they were there for me.

I was amazed that so few people knew about your service, in fact I had to show my "selfies" (the team and I took these throughout the initial build – I knew my friends and family would be fascinated!) to all the Oncology nurses as they had never seen this before. I am now evangelical about spreading the word as this has been such a positive experience for me I know so many more people would find it a little bit of sanctuary in a harrowing period of their lives.

I had my refit and new hair cut two weeks ago and am loving my new "choppy bob" as I re-enter my life! Thank you Lucinda for your wonderful system, your caring, compassionate and fun environment and your very special team.

You have given me a great deal of comfort, happiness and strength,

Kind regards,
Suzanne George

Hello Ladies,

Nothing beats those 'aha' moments in my work when I'm lucky enough to share in the joy of a breakthrough, or experience first-hand something profound that brings about meaningful change in someone's life. Those moments are often unplanned. On a superficial level, you know it's happened because your attitude and behaviour have changed in relation to something that stopped you in your tracks before. On another level, it's an embodied experience - something which comes from deep within and may initially leave you wondering why and how it happened, until you stop and really think about it. This is the art of insight and reflection in action; the key to learning more about yourself, and your experiences.

Because change can be a tricky thing for many of us, I'm a big believer in the type of change that comes in bite size chunks. It involves practice, patience and passion (some more of this in the year ahead). Just think for a moment about the last time something good happened to you out of the blue? I call these my small victories and I love them because they happen all the time – daily in fact (yes daily) if we learn what to look for. In other words, even a bad day will have some good in it if we take time break it down and learn from the experience. So now it’s over to you …

I’ve chosen a collection of random but rather lovely things for you to consider taking up in the year ahead. No particular order is right so feel free to re-order these as you like. Some may not be for you, that’s fine too. There are no rules!

  1. Try your hand at writing – a past art in a world where texts, tweets and bite size bits of information bombard our every waking moment. Writing things down can be very therapeutic and help you to think more clearly. You may find you can write what you can't say. Write when the mood takes you and about anything that you care about. A situation, a relationship, an event. Find some quiet time – you know yourself best - early doors or late at night, it doesn’t matter. Focus on your thoughts and feelings. What is it telling you? Who could you share it with? Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous journal or notebook and see whether writing is for you.
  2. Ditch the lists – I once coached a guy who had a psychological list of things he looked for in a potential partner. Sound familiar? He ditched the list and has now met the love of his life whose characteristics weren't on the list in his mind. How fabulous! Are you a list junkie? Try ditching a list which may be hindering you more than you realise.
  3. Small victories – yes, start learning to breakdown your experiences into bit size chunks so that you can get better as seeing the whole picture, and not just a limited view of it. See what difference looking for small victories makes to your everyday life.
  4. Learn to do something you love – when was the last time you learned to do something? What would you love to be doing this time next year that you can’t do this?
  5. Overcome one fear – think about how it affects your life and who you could talk to about overcoming it?
  6. Invest your time in doing things that give you energy – Do more of those things and less of the things that take your energy.
  7. Know when to ask for help – this can be a tough one, especially for those of you who like to be seen to cope with EVERYTHING. Think about how you might feel if you learned to ask for help or advice? Think what it might do for you.
  8. Begin with the end in mind – a great tip for when you want to plan or achieve something. Break down your goal or wish into stages. Acknowledge your small victories! Look back and see how much progress you’ve made.
  9. Forgive someone who has crossed you – could you? If you do, reflect on the experience of forgiveness, what does it give you back?
  10. Treat yourself to a magazine subscription – indulge your imagination, read about people and things that inspire you and look forward to something dropping on your doormat that you actually want!

This looks dangerously like a list doesn’t it!!! I think of it as a collection of my thoughts and feelings designed to bring you more of what you deserve in the year ahead and beyond. Enjoy


m: 07887 824209



Toppix and 909


New York studio

So it has finally happened........ I get off the subway at 28th street station and within a 3 minute walk I am there at the entrance of Lucinda Ellery New York City! it's the height of a typical New York city summer, the streets are bustling with yellow cabs and the steam rising from the under city grids making this more like a film set than I had ever imagined. I was here but 8 weeks ago when Lucinda Ellery NYC was nothing but a building site!

New York studio

With walls scheduled to come down and stations to be built I was very excited to see what the new look studio had become. Well in true Lucinda Ellery style the sequin strewn, fabric clad, beautiful studio is exactly what it had become, outdoing my expectation completely. Lucinda and her team always seem to be able to recreate that Lucinda Ellery feel whether you are visiting the studio in London, Bristol, LA or even now NYC........... A home away from home where nothing is too much trouble and where you are immediately put at ease by the great team and the even greater  service. Lucinda  Ellery NYC does not disappoint and the mix of typical Lucinda style coupled with the modern, urban feel of the NYC studio aesthetics make this studio not only unique but a true pleasure to visit.

Should you find yourself in the big apple, whether on business or pleasure please be sure to stop by and say hello or even better book in to have your next realignment or adjustment with Lucinda Ellery New York City.

New York

To book an appointment or more information please contact us by
email: or telephone: (212) 359-1641

Lucinda Ellery Inc
Suite 607
37 east 28th street
New York






I started working for Lucinda Ellery in October 2009.  The first thing that caught my attention as I walked through the doors were the friendly staff and all beautiful crystals. They made me feel extremely welcome which calmed my nerves. Everyone works in such a professional way and I could tell how organised the team were and how much they enjoyed their jobs.


I love everything about the Bristol studio. The thing I love the most is the set up of our studio and just how it feels so cosy and homely - due to Lucinda's special touches! My team and I are very close and we work extremely well with each other. We are encouraging and support each other on a daily basis. We all get on really well, which makes working here so enjoyable. The fact that we have such a close bond makes our working environment so valuable and good for our clients. They often comment on how lucky we are to work with people we get on so well with. It's a genuine pleasure to work with such lovely, bubbly girls and it makes me really proud to see them coming to work with a smile every day!


Bristol is such a lovely city with lots of things to do. As I've been brought up in London, I am very much used to the fast paced way of living. Now living in Bristol, I have noticed how much more relaxed people living here are. There's a lot of entertainment for people of all ages, during the week and on weekends. I love spending my free time in Bristol's city centre, especially on the waterfront. When the sun is out, people love to spend their time relaxing with a drink and food on the edge of the docks. Millennium Square is just beside the waterfront with lots of bars and restaurants. I love to eat in Bottelinos as Italian food is my favourite! On my way home from Bottelinos, I can't help but stop off for an Ice cream in the amazing Sundae’s Gelato! Not only do they serve every type of ice cream that you could imagine, but they also serve waffles, crepes and big sundaes!


The products that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT are Kerastase Nectar Thermique and the Kerastase Elixir oil. I find using these products together by mixing them, works magic on my hair! The products smell really good which is a bonus. I always recommend these to my clients, friends and family.













Press articles Press articles


Sara Woolhead specialises in Semi Permanent Makeup for the brows and eyes as well as Medical Tattooing procedures such as Scar Camouflage and Areola Reconstruction and has clinics in Mayfair and Richmond.

Here’s what some of her clients have to say about her...

eye makeup

"This is just a short note to say thank you for your care and attention during my semi permanent makeup eyeliner sessions. Your reassurance and attention to detail was extremely professional. For anyone who is wondering where to go, I would happily recommend. I love my eyes and you have saved me time and money. Many Thanks." Anastasia Kolokasi (top and bottom fine eyeliner - pictured top left)

"Sara is fantastic. A total professional and superb at her job too!" Vanessa Fleming (brow enhancement - pictured middle left)


To find out more about Sara and the services she offers please visit or to make an appointment contact her at or on 07736 428509


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