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Lovely ladies, one and all.

Happy summer holidays. Here's to sunny days and warm evenings. As always you make it a complete pleasure to come in to our studios. Although I don't get out to the regions very much and we have quite a few studios in our growing collection these days it all feels so inclusive. Having just come back from LA and chatting to Priya from New York while driving in the car to visit my brother in Bedford with Chris it gives me a great sense of the connectedness that I feel with our clients and I'm particularly excited about our new hair line parting which is in development and is potentially our most natural parting yet.

All the women that have been coming over the years have lifted my spirits to dizzy heights with their enjoyment of everything we do here. I've had several phone calls and chats in the sitting room and have been very heartened that the girls have felt enjoyment and inspiration on my musings about life and its meaning for me. Truly it is about relationships and people and helping each other. I literally have to shut my mind to some of the most dreadful news bulletins and papers. How cruel and unkind we can be to one another. We would do well to recognise that what you send out comes right back sooner or later.

I am totally convinced that we are given the most wonderful planet to live on, to enjoy and to experience and how difficult it is if you are mentally challenged and finding life massively challenging and difficult to cope with hence my constant urgings to recognise our physical bodies are so little of who we really are, incredible and powerful beings that can acquire a life for ourselves through the gift of our own thought.

In my studies and research and because of my acute sensitivity I have had a long search to determine my own path to seek and understand how my own thinking creates my life. A saying I heard springs to mind 'Tell me a person's thoughts today and I can show you their future tomorrows.'

I've learnt in every situation to seek a better feeling thought at every opportunity to master my thinking to make my life better and help and inspire others to do the same.

For anyone who struggles which we all appear to do, I urge you to look around you at everything you can see, touch or feel and recognise that your thought is an invisible part of you, that it’s not of a physical nature. Exploring this part, living very much in the moment and remembering in stressful times not take anything too seriously; changing anything outside of ourselves must start within.

If you can’t still or quieten your thoughts, concentrate on your breathing and stillness can be achieved. This can enhance your life immeasurably as it has done mine. Call it meditation, or mindfulness, study and become internally strong and have a say in how your life expands. It does appear out of difficult challenges and life’s hard knocks we can emerge like the phoenix rising and be what we are meant to be, co-creators of our own destiny, and if I can do it - anyone can.

I certainly know that my hair loss made me so miserable that it drove me through my deep unhappiness to find another way to make my life better and your constant support and appreciation of all we do in our studios and our incredible amazing teams of beings has been a gift in my life and come full circle to being the reason that I am so happy and so much to be grateful for. Thank you for your continued support and choosing to come to us. You are dearly loved and we are blessed.

p.s if you would like my recommendations on books and studies please do get in touch with Erin on

Blessings and Love

Xxxx Lucinda


Star Letters


Hi Priya,

I hope your trip is going well. I thought it was important to let you know how happy I am with the results of my system. The whole experience so far has been life changing as well as life affirming. The natural feel and look of the system is better than anything I could have imagined. It matches my natural texture and density perfectly. Also, Jess gave me SUCH a beautiful cut, it is perfect.

The staff in the New York salon is so wonderful. Between the full day I spent as well as the 24 hr wash, I think I interacted with everyone. It makes such a difference when the people conducting the service are so special, kind, knowledgeable and experts in the field. Everyone went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy, that I know how to take care of my new hair, etc. The comfort and care I felt was beyond compare.

My only regret is that I did not find the Lucinda Ellery salon initially. Thank you so much for the honesty and care the team has shown me so far. I look forward to being a client for a long time to come.

Thank you,


My Mom has been struggling with alopecia Areata for five years and thought there was no hope for her worsening baldness. The care, kindness and expertise she was shown at Lucinda Ellery was incredible. She easily looks ten years younger and is incredibly happy. And her hair looks like it did 20 years ago and she’s 60. She hopes anyone suffering will go to Lucinda Ellery as they've made her feel like a new women.

From, L


International Conference

Lucy Brown

We were pleased to have attended the NAAF 2018 annual conference in Phoenix. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation put together a great event; with an itinerary ranging from new medical developments to how to date with Alopecia; spread over 3 days.


"Alopecia Areata Is Not Contagious"


We met some amazing people, male and female, of all ages, learning to manage and thrive with this hair loss condition. A truly inspirational event for some truly inspirational people.


Hello Girls,

Stories and second winds

Picture the scene, you’ve just met up with a close friend you haven’t seen in a while and you both settle down to a good old natter - you know those chats when you while away the time putting the world to rights - updating one another on the trials and tribulations of this wonderful thing we call life. And it is wonderful, because it’s the biggest story we’ll ever tell, and for some of us it’s been decades in the making; all carefully pieced together by yours truly, giving life its meaning, making us the person we are. However, do we ever stop to think about the way we tell it and pay attention to what we say?

Woman in field

I came across a fabulous quote recently, 'Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often'. It was the edit bit that struck me because in those few simple words I found myself taking a moment to reminisce and think about my story and realise I'm far from done and there’s still a lot of living to do. I think turning 50 a couple of years ago gave me an itch to shake things up a bit. Decade birthdays have a habit of doing that don't they? Besides, there’s a big wide world out there.

I realise too that it's also very easy to get caught up in our own stories and convince ourselves that we can't, or we're too old, or it's not worth it, or we'll fail. And all this chatter becomes part of the story.

What does it take then, to stop and think about how we tell it, and what it might mean? We've just touched on the decade birthday, but it might also be an empty nest, a loss or a yearning to find rewarding work and more balance, or may be to stop doing something? Perhaps an opportunity is beckoning but somehow you seem to talk yourself out of it, rather than open yourself up to it? Perhaps you have an urge to learn something new? Or perhaps you're bored of the same old routine and fancy writing a new wish list (which could make for a very interesting chapter).

It's strange because when we get that torn feeling of being stuck yet wanting to break free, sometimes, something appears out of nowhere. We find ourselves in edit mode and the story suddenly shifts up a gear. In my case it was a conversation that quite literally blew my socks off.

A few years ago, I was in the company of a wonderful woman. She had tutored a course I was on and kindly agreed to take part in some research I was doing at the time and so we met a few weeks later. Fascinated by her life and work, her story unfolded. At the tender age of 56 she was about to retire when her beloved dog died. Her cat, overwhelmed by grief, stopped eating. Saddened and very worried, she bought a new dog, knowing it was a potentially risky move. The cat, quite taken with the newcomer, rallied. Amazing. And so with happy pets once more, she got a second wind and went on to re-write the next two decades of her story, working and travelling internationally.

This remarkable lady was still consulting part time when we met at the age of 81. In that moment, everything I had believed about life, work and retirement changed. When I think about her story, it is still vivid, like she told it yesterday. It is because of her that I remind myself to 'edit often'. I now believe that we're never too old, there is enough time, and it is fine to fail trying something new because the effort will be worth it, in fact, is already worth it, because it is about the way we tell it.

Don't know about you, but I can't wait for that next cosy catch up. I wonder, which parts of your story would welcome some editing? Your second wind might just appear out of nowhere.

Until next time, Karen X


Karen is a career, lifestyle and health coach. To get in touch:


m: 07887 824209

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