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Lucinda Ellery Newsletter


I want to thank everyone for their continued love and support. I’m ever grateful that you love us and our work and I’m always particularly struck by the loving loyalty of clients who have been coming for literally decades. Especially on top of the Nice tragedy which happened when I was there. My middle grandchild has French heritage (parent and grandparent) and it’s a wonderful place but when you hear of people dying under such dreadful circumstances particularly children leaving in such a ghastly way, you remember there are so many people that are disconnected and one must question how they can be responsible for such dastardly deeds, people without Faith in their lives. I thank each and every one of my team and clients because it makes me feel so connected to the God within.

I've had the great privilege of meeting Dominic Zenden and getting to know his fantastic work. On many occasions I've asked for a little extra help re: health and also diagnosing photographs of important couples in my life and his readings of them are nothing more than astoundingly accurate. I'm mentioning these things as they are not part of everyday conscious thinking but we will do well to remember as we gaze around ourselves and see the objects of our lives that we cannot see our thoughts. They are in an invisible space but we can definitely see the results of our thoughts. Anything we pay attention to will grow in our physical lives. Coming up you will read an Interview with Dominic that you may find interesting. He is spectacularly talented.


Exciting news....... I want to congratulate Domonique our manager in Manchester with her baby, a blessing and a dream come true, but no more so than Marina who has been the right hand to my heart for more than 10 years. Her unfailing patience and zen-manner have helped soothed any discord when it has manifested in our space, which Thank You God is a rare occurrence. I can always rely on her to still troubled waters. I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman bestowing her grace and charm to everyone who knows her. I love you dearly Marina, thank you so much for your loyalty over the past 10 years. You have helped shape this space with your fabulousness, always looking on trend and serene.

I am so thrilled with Edinburgh. Not only did we outgrow the 1st studio but we have landed a pretty spot in South Charlotte Street, half a dozen steps and a lean to the right and you can see a Castle. It's awesome.

For our lovely TTM ladies ..... We are happy to announce we are having a TTM Cupcake & Cocktail Evening here at our London studio on Thursday 6th October. Invites will be sent out shortly. If you are interested in coming and to make sure that you are on the mailing list please email Erin on

Thanks always and always and always.......

PS I happened to come across this article which is very interesting because I am currently being treated by bioresonance (which is running electricity through my body to determine any blocks which subsequently helps to unblock the problem areas). It is the reason that I am healthy and strong enough to travel long distances every few weeks. The travel does knacker me out but without bioresonance I would not be able to do any of it. There is only one Doctor in the UK that does it and one in New York and Los Angeles to my knowledge. The treatment is freely available in Russia and its primary task is to help the body heal itself. Now-a-days there are so many awesome opportunities and techniques to help the body sustain itself in a very toxic world. I think it's worth everybody looking into and researching these homeopathic ways in helping the body maintain its natural health after all without it we would have nowhere to live.

model with air extensions


In the beginning was the word…

You may have noticed that what appears in TV and movie Sci-fi ends up becoming fact and truth. For those that are old enough to remember ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, you will remember that the film ended with extra terrestrials starting to teach us a tonal vocabulary and that every note was matched to a shade of a colour.

Since that film was made, we have discovered that sound and colour are intricately linked. They are both a wave function and they are forty octaves apart, so A-sharp for instance is a particular shade of red. This will tie in with people who have the condition Synaesthesia. This used to be regarded as an illness but is now being talked about as phenomena. It is interesting that this phenomenon happens in the brain where we do actually have ‘brain waves’, another wave function.

The medical profession talk about Synaesthesia as a crossing of the senses whereby people may have a colour or even a flavour/taste for a number or day of a week. I know of somebody whose brother does maths using colour.

So sound is a wave, colour is a wave and we have brain waves.

So where else is/has the study of sound proved interesting?


Cymatics shows us how geometric form and maybe the periodic table could be held together using sound. When you sprinkle sand or a powder over a drum skin for instance and direct a particular sound/ vibration to the drum, then the sand/powder takes on a geometric form – as the vibration is changed the geometric shape changes into something completely different.

Here is a very good YouTube link to a Cymatic experiment

Some of the images remind me of crop circles.


Recent research has shown us how we can use sound to levitate light objects. I remember reading an article years ago about a professor from Oxford who witnessed and filmed Tibetan monks levitating heavy stones using sound by chanting.

Here is an excellent video link where Scientists prove it is possible to levitate and move objects in mid air using only sound.


Stan Meyer made the discovery of the century when he showed us how to 'undo' water i.e. break the hydrogen/oxygen bond in water using resonant sound waves. He did this live on Tomorrow's World (black and white TV days) and poured tap water into the empty petrol tank, separated the Hydrogen which was used for combustion. The combustion process produced water from the exhaust pipe which he collected in a glass and drank. After 25 hours there was a news blackout on the subject. He was offered £2billion at that time for the patent. He refused. He drove his prototype vehicle from Los Angeles to New York on a gallon of water.

His last words were 'I've been poisoned'. All of his research was confiscated.


Royal Rife built the world's most powerful microscopes. He was privileged to be one of the first to witness what was happening at a cellular level in the body. He noticed that cells responded to sound waves. He found that he was able to kill cancer cells using resonant sound waves. He was given 17 terminally ill cancer patients and he cured them all using sound. Needless to say, his laboratory was destroyed in yet another 'mysterious fire' and his research papers confiscated.

So the wave function of sound and colour will open many doors when the information can no longer be surpressed.

We are now into a creative cycle in our solar system after 21st December 2012 and hopefully working with sound, colour and other wave functions will provide us with free energy and medical breakthroughs.

Sadly we live in a world of artificial light, unhealthy electromagnetic fields and being bombarded by radio and TV.

On top of that we create our own incessant noise inside our heads otherwise known as the commentator or the monkey on the shoulder. All of the enlightened teachers have told us that it is very important to disassociate with the monkey on the shoulder after all, it's not us that is doing the thinking. Thinking is doing the thinking.

So step back and be witness to the thought and just notice it as it happens.

If all is one, then the experience of the one will be the wave and not the particle.


Star Letter

Dominic Zenden

Aura Photgraphic Profiling Interview, 18 April 2016

Dominic Zenden is an 'aura' reader and author. In his bestselling book Aura Life in 4D Dominic explains how the aura can be seen, interpreted with the information able to help with the person's diet, emotional well being and psychical health. In fact your aura says everything about you. But what is remarkable about Dominic is he can do all this from a colour photograph. Dominic is the only person to be able to write detailed profiles of a person from the aura energy captured in this way on a colour photograph.

Here in a rare interview Dominic talks about his work and how he came to understand his own ability.

Question. Could you tell us a little more about Aura Photographic Profiling please?

Dominic. Whenever a photograph is taken the picture captures the energy of the person within the photograph. This is the energy that I interpret. (Aura energy) Each person has their own unique colour signature which changes depending on their emotional, physical and food taken into their body. Each profile I write is individual to the person and time sensitive depending on when the photograph was taken. I have discovered that these 'Aura Photographic Profiles' make unique ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. Even my friends send me photographs of potential partners or dates to profile. Saves the no end of time dating the wrong people. 

Question. When did you discover that you had the ability to see a person's aura?

Dominic. From a young age, my first memories were of watching people speak to me, their voices would project different shapes and colours, I just thought everyone could see the colours in the air. As I grew up I noticed that people, animals and even objects all had unique colours surrounding them, this of course was the aura. Each person would carry slightly different colours. As colour television developed and photographs went from black and white to colour I was able to see the aura energy captured on the screen and the photos. It was easy for me to see the different colour combinations and over time I learnt what each colour meant.

Question. Can you read any photograph? And does time affect the outcome of the profile.

Dominic. The photograph must be colour and recent. The profile will always be what the person is thinking at the time the image was captured. So time does affect the outcome. I like to work from individual photographs of a person, because when two or more people's auras are on one photograph the auras can mix together giving a false impression. But apart from that it does not matter whether the photograph is taken in natural light, or artificial. One interesting thing that I discovered was that when the person on the photograph dies the energy on the picture slowly fades into black and white. This has proved very useful when looking for missing people from photographic records.

Aura book cover

Question. How would someone approach you for an Aura Photographic Profile?

Dominic. What I would need is a recent colour photograph of the person, animal or object. This can be e-mailed to me on my address I aim to read each photograph the same day as time is very precious when searching for a person or needing detailed information on an individual. Each report contains over 1,000 words including the aura colours at the time of the photograph being sent. The emotional mind set, the physical body status and the dietary aspects of the person’s life. This would include any chemicals or toxins in the person's aura.

Dominic's book Aura Life in 4D is available on Amazon.




Star Letter

As a child I had long, dark lustrous hair, swept into a pony tail for school and tied with a bright ribbon. As a teen, my hair was still glossy and long and I loved being able to look fashionable growing up in the 60's. After getting married at the age of 24 in 1976 and starting a family in 1978, things began to go downhill. After my first pregnancy, resulting in the birth of a wonderful son, who is now 37, I had a succession of miscarriages, four in all. Each one took its toll in my life, both physically and psychologically. 

I was aware that my hair was getting thinner and finer as the years passed and by the time I was in my forties, it was getting so fine that I had to wash and blow dry it every day to make it look full. I was putting masking creams on my scalp to disguise the thinning areas. I went to my GP and then to trichologists and various practitioners for some support and help or even a cure, but it was pointless. I had androgynous hair loss, and coupled with the toll that the menopause and the miscarriages had taken on me, there was nothing I could do about it, just keep what little hair I had in the best condition I could - but it was getting so hard to do.

Then, to my dismay, in my 50’s, I had to have two gynae surgeries, and yes, they too made a huge impact on me and my ever thinning mop. My morale was sinking lower and lower. I could cover my body with clothes to look attractive, I could put make up on to look attractive. How could I make my hair look good when there was so little of it? I began to feel invisible as a woman and even ugly.

Fast forward to 2008 and a TV Programme called Ten Years Younger. I watched it regularly and always enjoyed seeing just how wonderful the women looked with their new looks. They all looked confident and happy and positive in their outlook. How I wished there was something I could do to emulate them. Then, the miracle happened. There was one particular episode featuring a lady with the same hair condition as me.

I just had to watch it and see what happened to her. Her 'makeover' transformed her in such a way that she blossomed right in front of my eyes and her crowning glory was her fabulous new hair. I watched with wonder and amazement at the way her hair was being done and decided then and there, I just had to find out more. Could this be the lifeline I needed so very much?

I plucked up the courage to make an appointment to see Lucinda a few weeks later. I was welcomed so graciously by everyone and Lucinda immediately put me at my ease and explained in intricate detail just what could be done for me and, yes, I was going to have a beautiful head of hair again. On my way back to the station I realised I was crying. I couldn't believe what was really going to happen to me. A few weeks later I had my first Intralace system and my journey back to happiness, positivity and confidence began.

It is now eight years since my first Intralace and just a few weeks ago, I had a new system fitted - my fourth. The style, colour and length are just perfect. I have received so many compliments from family and friends that I can't stop smiling. Since 2008 and that very first nervous visit to the consultancy, I have blossomed too, just like that lady on Ten Years Younger. I am happy again. I've learned to love my hair and also to love myself too. My confidence is high, my morale also. I am not invisible any more. I am me - once again. 




Karen Hayns

Hello Girls

Let me share a little secret…

I've suddenly realised there’s something quite magical about being beside the sea. That might even sound a bit odd given the countless times I've been there and, on top of that, growing up in Somerset where the nearest beach was literally a half hour away. From unplanned weekend trips to the Dorset coast to summer holidays in Devon and Cornwall. Looking back, I don't think I ever really quite got it, until now that is…

I'm laughing because all I could ever remember was the embarrassment as we all piled into the two-tone blue caravan-come-camper van (oh yes) me longing for a sensible family saloon, but alas, not on Mum's watch. It was that 'do I look like I give a damn' attitude to life she had that I still love most, god rest her soul. Anyway, arriving was always followed by some huffing and puffing about walks along the beach, 'do we have to', 'yes you do, the fresh air will do you good'…

Well, wise words indeed because being outside, especially when it's beside the sea, is actually very good for you emotionally and physically, as I recently discovered when I spent three days in the company of three women I'd never met before on the coast of one of Suffolk's best kept secrets, Aldeburgh. All in the company of a completely fabulous coach and colleague who beautifully led this mini sabbatical for us.

We spent time together, time apart, time laughing, and time to think and just be. And then there was the smell, sight and mesmerising sound of the sea on tap from my room. At this point my sense of adventure took hold because I knew that the whole experience was going to be very special.

Day two and we set off on a three hour walk. Alone. Yes, no chatting, no goals, no objectives and no grand plan. For me, that's when the magic set in. Everything just slowed down so instead of the daily routine of flitting from thing to thing, I was suddenly seeing more, hearing more and sensing more. The walk turned into a special little journey packed to the rafters and awash with meaning.

Future Perfect

On a mission, but with no plan (how cool is that), I just walked and walked, passing by people and away from Aldeburgh, my senses in overdrive and my thoughts wild and free. Curiously I made connections with so many areas of my life just by letting myself go, literally, walking wherever I decided to take myself, moment to moment, taking photo upon photo, each with its own story.

I saw Mum's name stencilled onto one of the colourfully moored rowing boats; 'oh wow. She's with me' I smiled as I sat on the bank beside her, moved, thinking about her untameable ways and feeling a wave of gratitude for being adopted and giving me a life I might never have had. Savouring every moment, I returned like a salty sea dog (you can imagine the hair) but did I care, no I did not (Mum eat your heart out). Back in my room, I wrote and wrote; everything I needed to write about life, family and work. Weeks later I can still close my eyes and remember every single bit of that walk and I always will.

Of course life returns to normal, and that's fine because I learned so much and remain truly touched by the simplicity of it all and have so much more clarity about who I am and who I am not. My time away also taught me how important it is to practice the art of self-care, because if you take time out to restore and regenerate you actually make yourself more emotionally available and better equipped to take on whatever life has to offer or throw at you. I've also learned how quickly and easy it is to cast aside all the stuff as women we tend to carry round, the countless roles, routines and obligations that leave so little time to reconnect to our true selves.

But best of all I've realised that, given half a chance, I'm there, all salty sea dog, feeling a bit wild and and free, so the next time I sneak off for a walk you know what I'll be up to. So perhaps you might care to invite yourself to throw on something comfy, step outside and take a walk. Then, tune in to your senses and see what happens.

Very much hoping to see you on 6th October for Cupcakes and Cocktails. Can't wait.




MOBILE: 07887 824209




When dreams come true. Anyone who has ever known Manchester Studio Manager Domonique will know she has always wanted to be a mummy. Well at LE dreams really do come true and not just for our clients. Congratulations Domonique.


Where will I be in ten years time? Well our Regional Studio Manager Marina is still with us and going strong 10 years on. Marina from your team and your amazing clients thank you for all your hard work, loyalty and commitment. You ROCK.


We would like to tell you of a new addition to our London Management Team. Orla Cahill has joined us as part of the management team with a remit of all things HR and general management. I am sure you will be seeing her around and she is looking forward to meeting all our wonderful clients. Welcome Orla.


Micky (company director and Lucinda’s daughter) is returning to London after spending the last few years setting up and settling the American arm of the business. As you can imagine Lucinda is overjoyed. As are we. Welcome back Micky.


Our long awaited Edinburgh move has happened. We are excited to welcome our clients to our new and improved Edinburgh studio............ the team are super excited and with the new space and vibe of the place we think our clients will be too.




Lucinda loves the Click n Curl brushes. They are great and really easy to use yourself at home.

They are a mix between a brush and a heated roller. Blow-dry your hair in sections bending the hair around the brush and rolling it up to your head. You then unclick the handle from the brush leaving it in your hair like a roller. Next, click the handle onto a new head and repeat on a new section of hair. Once all your hair is rolled up leave them to cool for 5 minutes. Once cooled let your hair out. You will get a lot more bounce and movement in your hair than when using a regular brush on its own. Please ask one of our stylists to give you a demonstration when you are in the studio.

Lucinda using the brushes to give various styles
Mythic Oil spray


Use this product in-between washes to refresh the hair and give it a smooth look. It has orange and sunflower oils which brighten and smooth the hair. It is not a wet or oily spray. It coats the hair without making it look wet and oily and ideal for using between each wash.

Spray over dry hair and brush through for a refreshed look.


Lucinda Ellery in the Press


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