Hair Shedding

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Understanding the normal shedding rate will help you to be aware of what to expect and help to reduce anxiety.

Hair is constantly being shed from your scalp every day as part of the natural process of growth. It is normal to shed around 100 - 150 hairs per day from a normal scalp, though of course this may vary depending on what type of hair you have.

When using extensions as part of your hair loss treatment your hair will shed in just the same way as it does without them. There is an acceptable amount of hair shedding which generally equates to approximately 20% of the hair originally used to apply each extension. This hair will stay in the extension that it is bonded to but will be detached from your scalp. If you feel that you are shedding more than that proportion then please consult one of our managers for this to be investigated.

Happily it is very rare for extensions to cause additional shedding as our staff are highly experienced and trained in their application. Our bonding method and materials are chosen to cause the minimum stress to even very fine hair.

However we do discuss this during our consultations to make sure that clients are fully informed and feel confident that they can identify any abnormal shedding should it occur.

Why we apply test extensions

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We recommend you to have test extensions for two reasons:

Firstly to test for any irritation or skin sensitivity; anyone with a sensitive scalp for any reason is advised to have test extensions.

Secondly to test your hair for instability. Having fine hair, even extremely fine hair, does not mean your hair is unstable. It is unlikely that your hair is unstable but it is worth checking. While evaluating your hair with test extensions is not conclusive proof that your hair is suitable for extensions, it is a very good indication that we can proceed.

Please be aware that you should check your hair regularly for the first month in case of excessive shedding.


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