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Client Letters - Jacquie

Dear Lucinda

I came to see you about a month ago, very sceptical may I say. As over the years I have spent a fortune on hair products that promise the world to us girls with thin and fine hair, and with each new product hope that this might be the one that works, but always complete disappointment as none do.

But the day I came to your hair studio my whole life changed. You were full of positive energy, excitement and fantastic hair products that really do work at affordable prices.

How can I ever thank you enough. Everybody is commenting and admiring my hair, asking where I have had it done. I haven't let on what the difference is, but words can never express my sincere gratitude. You have made me feel like a woman again. I am getting married in December and was dreading the photos. Instead now actually looking forward to it. Thanks again for your help, advice and most of all your generous spirit. If in the future I need to get more help I know exactly where to come.



letter from Jacquie


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