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Client Letters - Lesley

Dear Lucinda

I would like to give a very big thank you to you and all your wonderful staff.

I especially was very grateful to Miriam for fitting my first appointment in time for Christmas.

My new hair has really changed my life in many different ways. I'm more confident and my husband has noticed that I'm much happier. No more bad hair days!

I can get up in the morning and just brush my hair, with no more fiddling with it and not even use hair spray. I can go out in the wind without my style being ruined and in the sun without my scalp getting burnt. I don't worry that people are looking at the back of my head whereas before I was so self-conscious and miserable. I hated photos of myself as my old hair was so thin and sparse.

Everyone has complimented me on how natural it looks. Some people think my hair has just grown longer!

Thank you so much

with love from Lesley

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