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I’m delighted to say that at my last appointment, my system was removed and not replaced. My own hair has happily started on the road to recovery and we all felt that the time had come to move to the next step of hair extensions to manage the difference in lengths. My own hair is undamaged and my scalp is healthy which is a huge relief.

However, what I wanted to say was thank you.

My hair loss was a devastating experience (which I know it is for everyone) and the sheer panic I felt when contemplating having to potentially wear a wig was indescribable. I work in a very customer facing environment and I had even contemplated giving up my job. I just had no idea of how I would get through in one piece.

However, my decision to come to the Consultancy was a good one. My new hair looked and felt great. My family were overwhelmed with my glamorous locks and most of my colleagues just seemed to think I’d gone mad - had an expensive hair cut and changed the colour. Strangely, no one seemed to notice when the system was removed either. Some of my friends haven’t yet realised that it’s my own hair that they can now see.

The biggest benefit was the sheer relief at not having to worry about what was happening under my system. For the first time I felt that even if my hair continued to fall out - I would be OK and be able to manage with your help.

My experience at the salon was very positive and I enjoyed coming. Everybody that I came into contact with was professional, helpful and encouraging, without exception. The atmosphere is busy, cheerful and positive which is just what you need - well it’s just what I needed anyway! As an organisation you must be very proud of what you do and the type of help that you provide - over and above the actual technical bits.

So, although I shall still be popping in to keep my extensions in tip top condition and to make sure that my hair is doing what it should - I did just want to say thank you. It has made all the difference.


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