Meet the Team

With a team of over 100 employees we can't list all of our amazing angels but we would like you to meet our management team who are on hand to give you the best possible care.

Chris Hinchliffe - Director


I have worked for Lucinda Ellery for over 20 years and started out as a hair assistant. As the interest in our methods and services grew it became apparent that my mother (Lucinda) couldn’t conduct all consultations herself and so I started to learn from the mater and began being a consultant. Today my role spans from consultations, expansion, change and development and I can tell you no two days are the same. I feel very privileged to work with the amazing clients and team we have in our studios and the stories I hear keep me well and truly grounded. If you are thinking of exploring how Lucinda Ellery can work for you or if you are interested in working for us please don’t hesitate to get in touch we look forward to welcoming you to our studios soon.

Michelle Dabadie - Director


When we decided to open LE LA I moved to California to facilitate the growth and expansion of the studio and I am now positioned here looking after our USA plans. I love our clients and I love how I have witnessed the Lucinda Ellery ethos and ethics be just as effective across the pond. I have worked with my mother (Lucinda) since I can remember and I was always fascinated with her inventive ideas and her progressive thinking when it came to all things hair. I enjoy building new systems and conducting consultations but as the company has grown there are days where I have to wear many hats and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a woman, helping ladies regain the appearance of a natural full head of hair whilst regaining their confidence also is the most rewarding experience which I am grateful for everyday.

Priya Vedhara – Head of US Operations


I never thought I would find a role that combined my personal career ambitions with my ambition to work for a cause that helps and supports people, well I found it at Lucinda Ellery! The fact that I see women, every day, come to us whether they are experiencing cancer, TTM or any other condition and we are able to at least alleviate the stress of their hair loss is such a privilege. My role at Lucinda Ellery is varied to say the least, managing the teams, offering training and development as well as looking at the business on a strategic level means my job is a busy and rewarding one at that. We all go to work to pay the bills but when you find yourself in a position where you can do that but also be contributing in some little way to someone’s life, well that is when you know you are onto a winner!

Miriam Afford – Client Relationship Manager


Working with Lucinda for over 15 years has been an amazing journey... the changes I have seen and been a part of sometimes does make me feel extremely humbled. My role at Lucinda Ellery is that of an advisor, ladies can call me at any time to talk about their experiences, feedback and anything else they would like to tell me LE related. I also manage the relationship between LE and our PR so I am always extremely happy when ladies come forward who would like to become part of our model register with chances to shine a light on their own story and condition. I was based at the London Studio for a number of years but myself and my husband decided to move back to Ireland to raise our three children so I have been working remotely from my office in the garden for 8 years now. Most clients that call to speak to me just assume I'm at the London Office – the wonders of technology! I love visiting our UK Studios and have recently been to our New York Studio. It is always a pleasure to meet and spend time with our fantastic clients.


Marina - London Studio Manager

As regional studio manager I have the amazing privilege of meeting all of our teams and our clients from all locations regularly. I love the LE team and love the amazing hair and hairy life transformations (so often called miracles) we create on a daily basis! I have been part of the Lucinda Ellery team for over 9 years now and remember my first day as if it was yesterday. I feel hugely grateful that I have been able to partake in the shaping and development of our services and team and when I sit back and look at it or when I speak to our clients it really does hit home that this is not just a job, it is a passion.


Domonique - Manchester Studio Manager

Jessica began working for Lucinda Ellery over two years ago and has been connecting with every women that walks into the studio ever since. She grew up in New Jersey and as a small girl had aspirations of living and working in New York City. The summer of 2016, she finally had her chance after living in Dallas, Texas for 5 years. Whilst there she attended class at the Texas Women's University and got her cosmetology education with Paul Mitchell Beauty School. She also began working for a blonde salon - assisting the owner, working her way up to stylist/ colorist, educator, and management for the next 3 years and became a blonde specialist.

After 5 years, she felt it was time to move back to the east coast to be close to her family and finally had the chance to move to New York City. She had her interview at Lucinda Ellery, and instantly felt as if she belonged. She has a personal connection to trichotillomania as well as a connection to cancer through her mother's own struggles so can empathise how difficult hair loss can be regardless of the cause. During her time with us she has learned all of the Lucinda Ellery techniques and has continued to be inspired by the amazingly strong women she looks after at our NYC Studio as well as the many angels that work for us in New York and elsewhere. Jessica has also spent time working in our London Studio and is really enjoying her role as Manager of our NYC Studio.


Marika - Bristol Studio Manager

I have been working for Lucinda Ellery for nearly six years now. I first started as an assistant in our London studio and later progressed to become a technician. I have always been very passionate about my work and have been lucky enough to travel to a few of our other locations. In January 2015 my husband and I moved our lives to the lovely city of Bristol! I have since been managing the studio here supported by a wonderful team of girls. As much as I miss London, I absolutely love my new life here. It's such a privilege to work in such a beautiful location with wonderful clients and of course the Bristol team! It's great to be able to pass on the knowledge I have learnt over the years to the girls, in return they have been teaching me a bit of Bristolian! My friends would probably say there are a few sides to me. I'm very loyal, caring and hardworking, always happy and a bit mischievous sometimes too! I always try to have a very positive outlook on life and never stop smiling.


Robyn - Edinburgh Studio Manager

I have worked for Lucinda Ellery since 2010. In this time I have seen this company grow and expand so much, and I feel very proud to have been part of that.

I started with LE, working in the London studio as a stylist, and loved the new challenge of learning such a different side to hairdressing. I took to working with the Intalace and extensions very quickly and soon saw myself growing within the company, and learning all the different elements of the business and understanding how hair loss can have such a devasting impact on women regardless of the cause.

I then got to be part of the start up of both our studios in LA and later Edinburgh. I relocated to Edinburgh in 2014, and our studio and staff have grown so much in this time.

I love working with my wonderful Scottish team, they are so caring, crazy, fun, and always entertaining. Seeing ladies for consultations and hearing each of their stories is so humbling and inspiring and reminds me everyday how we give people back their lives, not just their hair.


Charlene - Solihull Manager

I first joined Lucinda Ellery in 2010 as an assistant at our London location. it seems like such a long time ago! I soon progressed to be a real hair technician and then an Intralace technician. Working at Lucinda Ellery opened up a whole new world to me, I found my passion in working with people. It's given me so much satisfaction knowing that what we do makes such a beautiful difference to our clients lives.

I recently became one of the newest additions to the managerial team when we opened up in the Solihull in the Midlands. Our Branch in Solihull is absolutely gorgeous and it certainly made the transition from the London branch (home for 6 years) an easy one! The ladies here are amazing, warm and friendly. We have such a lovely time together in the studio, our team may be the smallest but we certainly have a vibrant atmosphere. I genuinely believe I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful company, I can honestly say it's brought out the best in me!


Amanda - London Stylist Manager

I have been working at Lucinda Ellery since 2014 and I am based at the London Studio. Starting as a stylist, I quickly recognised how much I could expand my hairdressing knowledge by working with extensions and our various Intralace System options. It is so interesting to see how we can create a natural looking head of hair by using our extremely creative systems. Learning more about hair loss and the effects it can have, especially for a woman, interested me more, knowing that what we do here at Lucinda Ellery is very much a life changing experience. I feel more compassionate about what I do as a stylist, helping women get over their fears of how they feel about themselves and how others see them. I became assistant manager late 2016, and then stylist manager mid 2017. Through this role I am helping build up our ever growing London styling team that is full of fun and compassion. I will always do my very best to keep our styling modern and fresh and ensure that each and every client leaves looking and feeling like a million dollars.

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