Our Fees

The cost of our services will vary quite considerably depending on the management options being used.

Initial Consultations

Initial consultations are free of charge at Lucinda Ellery.

You should allow approximately 1¬Ĺ hours for Trichotillomania consultations and 1 hour for consultations regarding other types of hair loss


Medi Connections™

Cost using Indian Temple hair would range from: £100 - £500.
Each application will last for three months on average.

Information on pricing using Virgin hair types

Intralace Minima™

The Intralace Minima™ is a new and exciting hair loss management option introduced in 2012. This system is for women with fringe, parting and crown area hair loss or hair thinning. This system is fully integrated with the existing hair and allows for complete freedom to wash brush and treat your hair as your own. The Minima is particularly effective for hair thinning in the hair parting area. The Intralace Minima™ has a cost of £745 and is durable for 3-6 months with an average of six months being the norm.

This Minima system requires approximately 8 appointments annually for adjustment of natural hair growth and to keep the Minima correctly in position for our clients' comfort and ease. Each maintenance-only appointment will cost approximately £75 - £98.

Intralace System Hair Parting™

The Intralace hair parting is the top section from the Intralace System used on its own without the other components, this option is applied to existing hair using clips and is for day use only. This comes in two formats, type A, is the silk base hair parting that requires a fringe and type B, is the natural hair line parting that can be used with any style with or without a fringe or partial fringe even with the hair taken completely off the face is possible. The cost is £350 - £595

Intralace System™

Each individual Intralace system™ is bespoke for each client, the cost would range on average from £895 - £2295.

There are six to eight maintenance appointments each year on average with the hair integrated Intralace system™ at a cost of £98 per hour with the average appointment taking 1.5 hrs. These maintenance appointments are necessary as your natural hair will continue to grow through the Intralace™ and thus, the re-growth will need to be adjusted for the security and comfort of the Intralace system™.

Hair Replacement
(The Intralace Freewear System™)

The Intralace Freewear System™ costs from approx £1400 to approx £2480 and lasts for two plus years.

Hair & Scalp Thickening product



Finance Available from 0%

Lucinda Ellery is offering all new clients who wish to purchase our Intralace System™ or our Hair replacement system (Intralace Freewear system™) the option of affordable finance.¬†Monthly repayment figures are as low as £46.25.

Please call us and find out about our payment plans and our competitive rates on 0844 567 8899.


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