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Lucinda Ellery

Our hair has a profound impact on both us and others. I believe all women should have choices about their hair and I aim to give my clients just that
       Lucinda Ellery

Human Hair Wigs – An Alternative

Over the years, Lucinda and her dedicated team have exhaustively researched all of the traditional solutions for disguising hair loss. This has also included wigs and various hairpieces.

The more expensive wigs that are made with natural human hair can be a good option for some if they are well constructed and are matched to your natural colouring and facial shape.

But our research has led us to conclude that wigs simply are not the ideal solution for most women, particularly for those who have varying degrees of hair loss - or even complete hair loss. Instead, these women need a better solution that will make them look, and just as importantly feel, as if they have a full head of hair again. In our experience, this gives affected women far more confidence than simply popping a wig on their head.

Our Approach to Hair Replacement

For this reason, we don't sell wigs. We feel women deserve more than this, and have instead created a better solution which helps our clients regain their confidence, as well as their looks. There are two versions and you can read about them here:

Our clients definitely agree that these options are far superior to wearing a wig. So if you feel this step might be right for you, give us a ring and arrange for a consultation, and we will gladly show you how the Intralace System™ could change your life for the better.

You can see how natural they look in our Intralace Gallery


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