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Why we make our studios as luxurious and pampering as we can

While the vast majority of our clients are delighted by our services, we are occasionally criticised on forums for being too expensive and for spending money on fancy facilities rather than trying to keep the cost of our systems as low as possible, so I’d like to explain the reasons why we adopt the approach that we do.

Experiencing hair styling

with normal hair

Most women who have never experienced hair loss will regularly visit hairdressers to have their hair styled and taken care of – they usually enjoy the experience, look forward to going, and appreciate the results and the lift it gives them. The stylists are used to working with normal full hair and having plenty of options to offer their customers.

with hair loss

However the experience of those with hair loss is very different. If you have Alopecia for instance then you may be trying to cover up patches of skin which may be empty of hair. If you’ve suffered from Trichotillomania from teenage years then you may have been too embarrassed to visit a normal hairdresser for most of your life – the thought of admitting that you have sparse areas or overall thinning – and that you did it to yourself – is unthinkable. Even if you were brave enough the stylists will probably have little understanding of what they could do to help you and may even be scared to try because it’s outside their experience and training.

Again and again we hear these sorts of stories from the women who come to us – they’ve felt cut off from support and unable to even access the sort of normal hairdressing service that others take for granted.

Fortunately having once experienced our approach they are almost invariably enthusiastic about what we do.

The importance of being relaxed and comfortable…

Our idea is that you need to make managing hair loss an enjoyable experience – because the misery and depression that often accompanies female hair problems runs deep, and needs to be tackled along with the physical issues in order for many of these women to recapture their confidence and vitality.

Some hair loss “clinics” are rather cold and medically-oriented – the emphasis is on treating a disease – but does that do anything for the client’s psychological needs; their anxieties and their often long-established feelings of lack of confidence and reduced femininity?

… and of feeling safe and understood

So we try to make our studios somewhere that our clients will enjoy spending the day in – after all if they are having a complete system fitted then it is an all-day process. Comfortable furniture and surroundings, a warm and welcoming environment with little luxuries to make your day a positive experience, plenty to read or watch, tea and coffee, or wine or soft drinks if desired – all these help you feel valued and relaxed and ready to look and feel your best.

Just as important we recruit our staff not just for their skills with hair and the ability to create natural-looking results with our systems, but also for their empathy and ability to take good care of their clients – and to enjoy doing so! A recurring theme is how fulfilling they find the work they do.

We believe this approach works, and from the feedback we receive our clients seem to agree with us. Watching their glowing expressions with their new hair confirms it too.

It can’t be done on the cheap

Now we’d love to be able to offer the same service to everyone who needs it, whatever their circumstances, but unfortunately good materials and good quality hair costs money. If we used cheaper materials then the results wouldn’t be as convincing and they wouldn’t last as long. If we didn’t spend the time and attention to detail that we do then again the results would be poorer: the benefits wouldn’t be anything like as positive as they are. Our clients wouldn’t get the often life-changing boost that we are able to give them.

Sometimes a little luxury is the only way to get the right result!

The NHS estimates that 8 million women in the UK suffer from some form of hair loss and The Washington Post reports that the figure for genetically inherited fining alone is 30 million women across the United States. Experts believe the true numbers of women dealing with hair loss are much higher however, because of the shame and despair felt by the hidden millions struggling to cope with the condition.

Research has proven that women with severe hair loss can experience deep psychological distress and intense emotional suffering. Hair loss for whatever reason – genetically inherited female-pattern baldness, the most common form of hair loss; age-related fining; alopecia in all its forms; or as a result of chemotherapy, surgery, accidents, scarring or the self-harm of hair-pulling – can result in behavioural changes and social withdrawal that give rise to personal and work-related problems.

Emotional trauma as a hair loss trigger

Emotional shocks are also believed to lead to actual hair loss, although the link is not clinically proven. But if you lose your hair in reaction to a bereavement or other grievous life or financial event this creates a vicious circle of being depressed about the follicles rapidly shedding, and potentially causing further thinning.

TV personality Ranvir Singh first lost her hair in patches at the tender age of eight when her father unexpectedly died. She admits that she suffers from ongoing insecurities because of it and has been frank about how she continues to manage outbreaks of alopecia at the age of 44.

“I feel dreadful,” Ranvir told the Lorraine show earlier this year. “I’ve always had a fringe. I’ve found ways to cover it. I use coloured sprays and things. I’ve got a patch in the middle, I’ve got a patch at the back.”

Ignorant criticism and abuse doesn’t help

Nothing more dramatically illustrates the abuse women can face over hair loss than beautiful actress Jada Pinkett Smith, dignified in a gorgeous green gown and rocking her shaved head, being publicly mocked in front of a global audience of millions over her alopecia, an autoimmune condition she can do nothing to alter, at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

The taunt and the furious, punchy reaction of her husband Will Smith did have a positive outcome, however, in sparking worldwide debate about how hair loss impacts the female psyche.

Healing is needed, not judgement

Healing is the essence of what women seeking help for hair loss dream of achieving. Hair can, and sometimes does, grow back, but alopecia in particular is very fickle and there is no guarantee your hair won’t fall out again at some stage in reaction to illness or emotional stress.

Regrettably the world judges women – and men, too, but not as fiercely – on the state of their hair. How healthy, thick, glossy, styled, curled, straight, shaved it is, the colour and the texture, and how healthy and glossy and tempting it looks. Or not.

In an ageist society, any sign of baldness reminds us of our frailty and mortality, especially as modern medicine has yet to find a cure. Losing your hair gives rise to feelings of powerlessness as it shows our bodies are beyond our control.

Far more important than mere vanity

Laura showing her alopecia
Client Laura showing the effects of her alopecia

When our hair goes wrong for any reason, women are hesitant to trouble their GP about their follicular health, fearing that their concerns may be dismissed and well aware that hair loss is not fatal or dangerous, like cancer or heart trouble. Opinions aired about Jada later – including “why can’t she just wear a wig like everyone else” – proved that many people see female hair loss as a trivial issue and that women should just put up and shut up.

Losing your hair isn’t a death sentence, agreed, but for women the result is definitely life-limiting, in the most literal way. A woman can be scared their scalp may be exposed by a sudden gust of wind, a raindrop, or with a hat or beanie removed without the aid of a mirror. She will dread participation in sports, rainy or windy-day walks, or in activities such as cycling – what if the helmet lifts my hair afterwards to show hidden bald patches?

Perhaps the most damaging aspect is in a woman’s perception of herself as feminine – our concepts of not just beauty but the essence of femaleness itself is closely connected to hair and its flowing, silky appearance. Take that away and you remove an essential component of who you are.

Even professionals don’t always offer support

Imogen before and after
Client Imogen had complete hair loss before getting our Freewear System.

Women even hesitate to take the problem to a salon for professional advice. There is that icy fear of seeing a horrified reaction, or of hearing nothing can be done about it. Analysis by trained professionals of such a deeply personal problem needs to be empathetically and kindly delivered, and at times, depending on who they are or what they are privately struggling with, that is not available. All these variables make most women extremely cautious about taking anyone into their confidence.

As for getting romantic and your other half wanting to run their fingers through your hair – well, perish the thought.

It is actually quite astonishing that something that can affect so many women at some stage of our lives is still considered so shameful and embarrassing.

However, while we may not be able to reverse hair loss with medicines, nutrition or therapies – yet – there is hope.

Solutions – and a sympathetic ear

Modern medical hairdressing solutions such as the extensive suite of treatments offered by the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, each individually and carefully tailored to the person in the salon chair, are a lifeline for women dealing with all forms of hair loss challenges.

Every single woman who visits any one of the Consultancy salons found across the UK and the USA will receive warm and supportive care. You will receive expert advice on a personalised hair system that can be cut and coloured in any way to suit you and your lifestyle. You will be shown how to look after and maintain and manage your beautiful new hair. Ongoing aftercare support is also available to all who desire it.

Science has some catching up to do in the field of hair loss but, with the help of Lucinda Ellery, you can feel and look good again with the appearance of a naturally healthy full head of hair.

Your beautiful new hair will lift you back up mentally and physically. The true, unquantifiable benefit of being thus restored in your own eyes, however – and in those of the people who matter – is the return to being the best version of you that you really are.

– – – – –

If you’d like to speak to us about hair loss issues then either call us on 0208 741 8224 or use one of our Contact forms on the main website for whichever studio is closest to you.
LondonManchesterEdinburgh Midlands (Solihull) – BristolSouthampton

Photo shoot interior-exterior
The mansion for the photo shoot

We are looking back today at the great month that September really was, wishing farewell to the British summer and welcoming the autumn with open arms. It has been something of a busy month here at the Lucinda Ellery head quarters with our Bristol studio in full swing, the photo shoot for our new extension site completed and with international no pulling week on the horizon I must say the buzz in our studios has been somewhat electric!

The photo shoot team

We are updating our extension website and we are super excited about this, so excited in fact that we want to tell you all about it now! We have been looking into our extension offerings for some time now and with an array of extensions on the menu, including micro rings (for certain types of hair), skin wefts and Medi connections (for fine hair); we now want to give you a site which shows you just what they can really do for your look and style. In order to get the shots we wanted we hired the most stunning country home as the location which ensured we had the most amazing backdrops to showcase our fabulous extensions.

The Lucinda Ellery team were on hand to ensure the 5 models chosen for the shoot had hair to die for, Buster Knight (make up artist to the celebs) was also on hand to ensure they were picture ready and Lucinda herself was there styling the models with the right dresses and jewels to match. Xfactor’s Chloe Jasmine was also in attendance offering hints and tips from a modelling point of view, invaluable to us all. All in all it was a great team effort which has resulted in some outstanding pictures of which we are very proud. We hope you all enjoy the new site which should be up and running in the very near future. Here is a sneak peak of what happened on the day…


Bristol now open full-time

bristol-team-360In addition to the excitement of our new site is the news that our amazing Bristol studio is up and running full time! The city, the team, the studio all ensures that our new location is one of our best yet! The team, currently being managed by long standing Lucinda Ellery team member Claudia, is in true Lucinda Ellery style, one of the most welcoming teams with their priority being to ensure that all our clients leave with a smile on their face! If you haven’t been to see us yet then you must! We look forward to welcoming you into our Bristol studio.

Opening times of our Bristol studio:

Tuesday – Friday 9.15 am – 6.30 pm and Saturday 10.15 am – 5.30 pm
Lucinda Ellery Bristol, 58 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3DT

Book your next appointment at our Bristol Studio by giving us a call on: 0117 905 1160

Save the Date!! 1ST – 7TH October

Raising awareness of Trichotillomania (TTM)

International No Pulling Week is aimed at educating people about TTM to help alleviate the suffering women go through in isolation and highlight the effects this secret syndrome can have on millions of women around the world.


“I have worked daily, for over 30 years, with the most amazing women who sadly struggle with a hair pulling disorder called Trichotillomania (TTM). I believe that not only can women live and survive with TTM, but they can also thrive. One of the joys of working with these women is witnessing them, with the right help, become pull free. These women are then able to cope with their TTM with the love and support from their family and friends, not to mention me of course. Let’s make this International No Pulling Week all about spreading the word, educating people, and sharing this week with somebody you care for and love. A problem shared is a problem halved.”
Lucinda Ellery

Manchester studio lounge

The Lucinda Ellery Consultancy first opened our Manchester Studio in January 2010.  We had many ladies who had expressed their interest in using our services if we had a Northern location so due to high demand Lucinda Ellery arrived in Manchester!

Lucinda says:

“I fell in Love with Manchester in a nano second. It is a fun, bright, lively city and I adore it. Everything is so convenient – lots of great shops and restaurants. Our Manchester clients are fabulous and I have every confidence that our Manchester team are looking after each and every one of them. I so enjoy getting lots of positive feedback about our services and am delighted that we made the decision to bring our expertise to Manchester”.

How to find us

The Consultancy is based at The Old Exchange Buildings 29-31 King Street in the heart of Manchester city centre. Manchester Picadilly train station is approx a 15 minute walk from us. It takes approx 30 minutes to get from Manchester Airport to our Studio. We work Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am until 6pm and on Saturdays from 10.30am until 5pm.

Manchester exterior


Our Manchester Team

We currently have a team of 11 at our Manchester Location. Domonique is our Studio Manager and she first starting working with us in our London Studio in 2007. Domonique says:

“We are all very down to earth and try to make clients feel like part of the family. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable. We enjoy seeing the same faces and of course welcome each and every new client. There is lots of singing, banter and laughter! We work hard but we also get great job satisfaction”

Domonique and some of the Manchester team
Domonique our Studio Manager and some of the Manchester team enjoying a recent day out at Alton Towers

Services available at our Manchester Studio

Our Manchester Studio offers the same range of services as our London Studio to include the initial application and the maintenance appointments for The Intralace System, The Intralace Minima System and The Intralace Freewear System. We also offer all services for our Professionally applied hair extensions and our Medi connections to include application, maintenance and aftercare appointments. We offer a colour and styling service for our hair integration and hair extension clients.

Consultations to discuss hair extensions can be booked Tuesday through to Saturday. Consultations for ladies with thinning hair or hair loss concerns can be booked on Thursdays and Fridays.

All appointments need to be booked by telephone 0161 8322857.

Manchester interior

Celeb Spotting at Lucinda Ellery Manchester

We have looked after some high profile Clients to include Kym Marsh from Coronation Street, Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks and ex Emmerdale and Dancing on ice star Roxanne Pallett.

Roxanne Pallett
Roxanne Pallett, before and after her Lucinda Ellery Professionally applied hair extensions

What our clients say about us

We really enjoy all the positive feedback we get in the form of emails, cards and letters. It is very rewarding to know that our clients feel well looked after at their appointments. You may be coming to Lucinda Ellery Manchester because you would like to change your hair using our professionally applied extensions or you may be coming because you are worried about your thinning hair or hair loss. We have different options for different hair scenarios and a personal consultation will determine which of our techniques would be the most suitable for you.

Here are some snippets of the recent feedback received:

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Dominique and her team in Manchester. I was very nervous about my first appointment but I really love my new hair and the confidence that it has given me. My partner says it makes me look 10 years younger (must be good!). Am looking forward to my next appointment and thank you again for making me feel so welcome”, Ghitta, Cheshire.

Chris and Lucinda, can you please forward my comments to the Manchester team. I was with them two weeks ago for an all day appointment getting my new Intralace done. I was really looking forward to it as it is something that I have thought long and hard about. My new hair has restored my femininity and I feel like a new woman. Thank you to Lucinda for her honest consultation. Thank you to Dominique, Tom and the rest of the team in Manchester for giving me these glorious locks and for making the appointment so enjoyable. They are a credit to Lucinda Ellery” Barbara, Belfast


With all our developments – opening studios in Edinburgh and Los Angeles – over the last year or so, we’ve rather neglected Hair Loss News but now we’re getting it back on track.

We’ll be adding articles and news items here on a regular basis and coordinating with our other social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to keep you up to date on anything relating to hair problems. Watch out for our first article tomorrow on coping with hair loss due to chemotherapy.

We’d love to hear your feedback on anything we write here – everyone has a different story and perspective on hair loss and  hearing those stories helps everyone else going through the same problem – so please feel free to share and contribute.

best wishes from Lucinda and the team

A lack of nutrients in your diet can cause a range of medical effects on the body, including hair loss. The most serious examples of this kind of dietary deficiency can be seen in people with eating disorders and those on extreme weight loss plans. However, your health and your hair can also be at risk from an excess of certain vitamins and minerals, as well as a deficiency.

Excessive intake of vitamin A can cause a condition known as Hypervitaminosis A, which specifically refers to the class of chemical compounds called retinoids. These retinoids have a number of functions within the body, with roles in everything from bone tissue growth and immune function to vision and the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation.

If you take too much vitamin A and the liver’s stores of retinoids are exceeded, you could face systemic toxicity. This can cause the following effects:

• Liver problems
• Skin discolouration
• Excessive skin peeling/dryness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Headache, dizziness and blurred vision
• Loss of muscular coordination
• Course bone growths
• Reduced bone mineral density
• Hair loss

If you suspect you have Hypervitaminosis A, it is important to make an appointment to see your GP to get a formal diagnosis and treatment.