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There was an article recently published in the April Edition of Top Sante magazine about Alopecia (reprinted in our main site). The lady featured in the article, Helen, described how her life was affected by her thinning hair. Many people endure months and possibly years of putting up with hair thinning or patchy hair loss caused by Alopecia before they find a solution to help them disguise the areas of loss. It can affect all areas of someone’s life. Helen spoke about how it had affected her relationships. Most partners or husbands are very understanding about how losing your hair can affect a woman’s day to day well being. Some women find everyday activities like dropping the children to school or even going to work a real challenge. Unfortunately for us ladies, it would seem that it is not acceptable within society for us to have anything but a full head of hair. Many clients of ours will say that before they had their hair makeover that people would only look at their hair whilst talking to them, they would not look them in the eye.

It is important to know that there are great options available in terms of replacing the hair that is missing. If your hair thinning or hair loss is affecting your everyday life then a positive step forward would be to investigate what can be done to give you a head of hair that in turn restores your confidence.

There are products available to help conceal areas of thinning hair or small areas of patchy hair loss. These are commonly knows as ‘scalp makeups’ or ‘coloured hair thickners’.

They are really like a hair spray except they have colour in them. Part of the problem with diffuse hair loss is that you can see the scalp. These products are available in different colours so you match one to your own hair colour then you apply it and it colours your scalp the same colour as your hair.

This type of product is easy to apply. You would wash, dry and style your hair as normal and then section the hair using a sectioning clip or even a pencil and then spray the product on. if you spray it close to the scalp you will get a more pronounced colour, so start off by spraying it a few inches away. The product will wash out when you next wash your hair.

Using a product like this can be very effective. It is not suitable for large areas of hair loss but with diffuse thinning or small patches then it may well be a good cosmetic option. There are various brands available on the net but the one I know of is called Fullmore.

10 years younger had originally contacted us in 2007 about a lady who wanted a make over for her hair. Vivienne had struggled with thinning hair for years and as part of her 10 years younger makeover she wanted a new head of hair. She came in to see us, had the Intralace System and her amazing transformation was then featured in the show in June last year. We had so many calls from people that were amazed at how her hair had completely transformed her appearance and they were blown away at how natural it looked. Many ladies have been in to see us since and also had the Intralace System. We have recently had contact again with the makers of the program and on Monday last they had a catch up interview with Vivienne. The producers were so impressed with Viviennes new hair (one of them didn’t even recognise her) and the new program with their new presenter Myleene Klass should be aired on channel 4 over the next couple of months.