10 years younger had originally contacted us in 2007 about a lady who wanted a make over for her hair. Vivienne had struggled with thinning hair for years and as part of her 10 years younger makeover she wanted a new head of hair. She came in to see us, had the Intralace System and her amazing transformation was then featured in the show in June last year. We had so many calls from people that were amazed at how her hair had completely transformed her appearance and they were blown away at how natural it looked. Many ladies have been in to see us since and also had the Intralace System. We have recently had contact again with the makers of the program and on Monday last they had a catch up interview with Vivienne. The producers were so impressed with Viviennes new hair (one of them didn’t even recognise her) and the new program with their new presenter Myleene Klass should be aired on channel 4 over the next couple of months.

Some Hair Loss Treatments can actually stop or slow down hair loss but there are many products that are simply not effective. Your GP, Dermatologist or Registered Consultant Trichologist will advise you if a product is available to help with your particular hair loss type. Asking an expert is certainly recommended.

Recent research shows that using Minoxidil (normally 2% for women and 5% for men) can help with slowing down the loss of hair. I have spoken to some people who say that using Minoxidill has made a difference to their hair. Interestingly enough, if you choose to discontinue using the product then any benefits gained will be lost within a few months.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has had either a good or bad experience with this product.