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If your hair has reduced in volume and there are no obvious areas where you can see through to the scalp or there are no patches of hair loss, then you may want to consider using some fine hair extensions to help introduce some volume into your hair.  Extensions on fine hair need to be really lightweight.  It is important that they are applied professionally and it’s also just as important that they are removed by a professionally trained technician.  You should have a consultation first to discuss how many you would need to make a difference to the volume of your hair.  Most extensions available nowadays are real hair therefore the general day to day looking after your hair is easy as there are more styling options available with real hair extensions.

You can use them until you are happy with the volume of your own hair, but they can also be used to change the length of your hair, so you may want to explore using extensions as a means of increasing both the volume and length of your hair.

A hair replacement system is a tailor made system that is attached to the skin using various skin adhesives. It is different to a wig or hair piece in that it can be kept on for longer periods of time – most importantly,you can sleep in it. The client maintains the system themselves at home which involves approx. once a week removing the system and replacing the adhesives used to keep it in place.

Hair Extensions and Hair integration systems are often grouped in with the term Hair replacement but they are different in that they are connected to the clients’ own hair. Hair extensions or Medi Connections work well for fine hair or if there is slight thinning. For more pronounced thinning (if you can clearly see through to the scalp) or for patchy hair loss then the Intralace system would be a more suitable option. If a client has total hair loss then a hair replacement system may be a good solution. A consultation is always necessary to discuss what is the best way forward.