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We have tried many products that are used to help keep a hair replacement system in place. Usually a skin friendly tape and a skin friendly liquid adhesive are the most important ones in terms of keeping things secure. You also need certain products to clean the lace on the system and to clean your own scalp.

A great company we have come across is www.hairdirect.com. They stock a wide range of products and the service is excellent. They are based in the United States so you should consider this in terms of delivery times but our experience of them is that they are super efficient. You also have the option to send them an email to ask advice about what type of product would work best with your hair system. Certainly the white liquid adhesive, brisk spray, double-sided blue tape and the super-solve adhesive remover work well for our clients.

If you are using a wig and need to make things more secure then you should consider contacting them to see if they can recommend a product for you. For those with sensitive skin there is a ‘cloth tape’ which has worked very well for those of our clients who could not use the other types of tape due to their skin type. There is a wide selection of products available on their website so to avoid confusion maybe the first step would be to email them an outline of your requirements. Great company with tip top service.

A hair replacement system is a tailor made system that is attached to the skin using various skin adhesives. It is different to a wig or hair piece in that it can be kept on for longer periods of time – most importantly,you can sleep in it. The client maintains the system themselves at home which involves approx. once a week removing the system and replacing the adhesives used to keep it in place.

Hair Extensions and Hair integration systems are often grouped in with the term Hair replacement but they are different in that they are connected to the clients’ own hair. Hair extensions or Medi Connections work well for fine hair or if there is slight thinning. For more pronounced thinning (if you can clearly see through to the scalp) or for patchy hair loss then the Intralace system would be a more suitable option. If a client has total hair loss then a hair replacement system may be a good solution. A consultation is always necessary to discuss what is the best way forward.