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There was an article in today’s Daily Mail about our client Robina and her experience of living with Trichotillomania. There has been a huge amount of interest from the press in Robina’s story and as a result she is going to be on the ‘couch’ tomorrow morning on GMTV.

Trichotillomania or hair pulling is something that we deal with on a daily basis so we are sure that tomorrow’s program will raise awareness about this little known condition. Robina uses the Intralace System to help her manage her hair pulling and it also gives her a beautiful disguise! The Intralace System has two benefits for our trichotillomania clients – it acts as a physical prevention to hair pulling as well as replacing the hair that is missing. The client feels better because they look better, and their hair gets a chance to regrow.

We often find that following a press article or TV piece that clients are overwhelmed that Trichotillomania is actually much more common than most people think.

If your hair has reduced in volume and there are no obvious areas where you can see through to the scalp or there are no patches of hair loss, then you may want to consider using some fine hair extensions to help introduce some volume into your hair.  Extensions on fine hair need to be really lightweight.  It is important that they are applied professionally and it’s also just as important that they are removed by a professionally trained technician.  You should have a consultation first to discuss how many you would need to make a difference to the volume of your hair.  Most extensions available nowadays are real hair therefore the general day to day looking after your hair is easy as there are more styling options available with real hair extensions.

You can use them until you are happy with the volume of your own hair, but they can also be used to change the length of your hair, so you may want to explore using extensions as a means of increasing both the volume and length of your hair.

There are products available to help conceal areas of thinning hair or small areas of patchy hair loss. These are commonly knows as ‘scalp makeups’ or ‘coloured hair thickners’.

They are really like a hair spray except they have colour in them. Part of the problem with diffuse hair loss is that you can see the scalp. These products are available in different colours so you match one to your own hair colour then you apply it and it colours your scalp the same colour as your hair.

This type of product is easy to apply. You would wash, dry and style your hair as normal and then section the hair using a sectioning clip or even a pencil and then spray the product on. if you spray it close to the scalp you will get a more pronounced colour, so start off by spraying it a few inches away. The product will wash out when you next wash your hair.

Using a product like this can be very effective. It is not suitable for large areas of hair loss but with diffuse thinning or small patches then it may well be a good cosmetic option. There are various brands available on the net but the one I know of is called Fullmore.