Hair management tips: taking control over your appearance

One of the scariest parts of losing your hair suddenly, whether through a hair loss condition or due to chemotherapy treatment, is the lack of control you feel over what’s happening to you. In some cases, all you can do is watch as your hair falls out and your appearance changes dramatically. This can be devastating to your self-esteem and your confidence in how you look.

Taking back control

Some women who start to lose their hair in patches make the bold decision to shave it all off completely, pre-empting what is likely to happen eventually. This way, you have control over your appearance as you choose to embrace temporary baldness.

An example of this is the Scottish TV presenter and arguably the most famous alopecia sufferer, Gail Porter. After years of baldness, her hair started to grow back for a short time before falling out all over again. Gail shaved it all off before going completely bald, preferring to do this rather than passively watch the hair fall out.

Other women take control of their hair loss in different ways, using human hair wigs, wraps and headscarves to disguise hair loss. There are even more advanced hair management options available, such as Medi Connections and the Intralace system.