Bald Girls Do Lunch founder offers advice to female hair loss sufferers

For many female hair loss sufferers, advice and support from others with similar conditions can be an essential lifeline. Simply by talking about your feelings and concerns in relation to your hair loss can really help to relieve your anxiety, so you can stop hiding away and go out there and live your life.

One valuable support network for women with hair loss is Bald Girls Do Lunch, a non-profit organisation set up in 2007. Although it mainly operates in the US, holding events and bringing women with alopecia together, the organisation offers advice, medical information and support to people with hair loss worldwide via its website.

The founder of the organisation, Thea Chassin, has had alopecia areata universalis for many years after the condition showed itself in 1997. Thea recently spoke to a publication in Pasa Robles in California, where Bald Girls Do Lunch is due to visit in the next few weeks. She said:

“It cannot be overstated how valuable it is for women who may feel secretive and ashamed about having alopecia areata to finally meet others like themselves,”

“We encourage lifestyle options of all types, so women come to our events with hats, scarves or rocking their bald look. The Bald Girls Do Lunch network is the remedy for feeling alone with this condition.”