Choosing human hair wigs: top tips

Human hair wigs can be a great solution to help with hair loss management, allowing you to disguise any thinning hair or bald patches and get on with your life feeling confident.

Some people believe that wigs can never look the same as the real thing, but this isn’t really true anymore. Human hair wigs have come a long way in the last few years, and some types are now so natural-looking it can be hard to tell the difference!

The only way to get a natural-looking human hair wig is to ensure that it suits you, which you can do by choosing carefully. Bear in mind the following factors when choosing your new wig:

• The wig needs to be durable, easy to use and maintain every day
• The style should suit the shape of your face and the colour should complement your skin tone – ask your hair loss specialist for guidance with this
• It should be comfortable to wear, not making your head hot or itchy
• Choose between custom-made or machine-made wigs
• You may want a versatile wig that can be customised and re-styled
• Choose an anchoring cap method – i.e. lace, thin skin, capless etc.

Finally, you should always weigh up the cost of the wig to ensure it is value for money (i.e. will last a long time) and that you can afford it.