How to find the right medical help for hair loss

Losing your hair can be difficult enough to cope with, but struggling to find the right medical help for your condition can make you feel even worse. If your doctor isn’t supportive or helpful enough, you need to find a new one to ensure that your condition is being treated correctly.

Here’s what to look for in a doctor, dermatologist or female hair loss specialist (trichologist)…

Your doctor should:

• Explain things clearly without being patronising
• Give you all the information you need, including contact details for support groups and hair loss charities
• Understand that you may be scared, frustrated and panicky
• Reassure you that other women are going through the same thing as you
• Listen to you, take your concerns seriously and try to answer all of your questions

On the other hand, your doctor should not:

• Make inappropriate or insensitive comments
• Treat your concerns and worries lightly, or refuse to believe you
• Tell you how you feel, rather than listening
• Be callous about the emotional effect of female hair loss
• Show impatience with you
• Cut short your appointments or miss out any vital steps in the diagnosis process