Hair replacement options for people with female pattern baldness

Androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness, doesn’t just happen to men. A considerable number of women throughout the world have the condition, which is mainly caused by genetic factors. This means that you can inherit androgenic alopecia from your mother, father or their parents, and there isn’t much you can do to stop it happening.

What many women with pattern baldness choose to do, however, is to take control of their hair loss through hair replacement systems. Developed as an alternative to human hair wigs, the following hair replacement systems provide bespoke and personally tailored solutions to help you manage your hair loss and take back control of how you look.

Medi Connections. This is a hair replacement system designed for people who have experienced fine or thinning hair. This can include women in the early stages of androgenic alopecia. The system uses ultra-fine, light hair extensions to cover areas where hair is lost or thinning, and generally improve the volume and thickness of hair.

The Intralace System. This system again uses light, fine hair extensions to cover and disguise hair loss, but on a larger scale. It can be integrated with your existing hair to create a natural, healthy look.