Could improving my diet help my hair loss condition?

Most hair loss conditions have a number of causes and contributing factors, some of which are unavoidable, like genetics. If you have a hereditary condition (i.e. it runs in the family), you may not be able to stop it in its tracks, but you can limit its effects through medical treatment, hair loss management and a good diet.

This last measure, good nutrition, is very important. Ensuring you get the right vitamins and minerals, and that you eat the right kinds of foods, can prevent your hair falling out or thinning in the first place. It can also contribute to the regrowth of hair that has fallen out, as well as improving the healthiness, strength and general appearance of hair.

There are no ‘superfoods’ that will make your hair grow back if you have a condition, but you do need to ensure that you get enough:

Protein – Hair is made up of protein, so you need to ensure you get enough from both animal and vegetable sources. Good sources of protein include poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, nuts and seeds.
Silica – This is a structural component of hair, and you need it in order to strengthen hair. You can find it in the outer skin of vegetables such as cucumber, red peppers and potatoes.
B vitamins