Barnet hospitals receive equipment to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust have received a generous donation of two new innovative machines designed to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatment.

The Orbis Paxman machines have been donated by inspiration breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. They are portable, so can be used at both Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital.

The devices work by cooling the scalp and head before, during and after chemotherapy treatment. By lowering the temperature of the scalp, the hair follicles shrink and subsequently limit the effect of chemotherapy on hair. This can prevent or at least limit the kind of profuse hair loss usually caused by chemotherapy treatment.

Nina Barough, who is the founder and head of Walk the Walk, said:

“I know personally how much integrated care helped me on my journey through breast cancer so I am delighted that Walk the Walk has made this very special donation to Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital.

“It is extra special to be able to see our fundraising efforts go to such a worthwhile cause within our local area and I know women are going to benefit from the scalp cooling treatment.”