The Intralace hair replacement system – what do you need to know?

Suffering from thinning hair or more severe female hair loss, it can severely damage your confidence and potentially affect your whole life. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of human hair wigs – as realistic and natural as they look these days – you may need to seek out a more permanent hair loss solution.

The Intralace system is a popular hair replacement solution for many women with hair loss. The system works by integrating a hair replacement prosthesis into your existing hair, making it particularly suitable for women with bald or thinning patches caused by female pattern baldness.

The ultra-fine mesh used to make the prosthesis is breathable, which means it will be comfortable and not too hot.

The Intralace process

There are a number of stages to the Intralace process. These include:

1. The Intralace system mesh is gently introduced between the scalp and the existing hair
2. Intralace Panels containing extra human hair are added to disguise patches of hair loss
3. An Intralace Parting is added (there are many to choose from) to make the finished look completely natural-looking

Should you wish to, you can also use Intralace as a human hair wig if you suffer from total hair loss.