How safe are hair replacement systems?

There are now many hair replacement options out there for women with hair loss, but you need to ensure that the treatment you choose is safe. You also need to choose a solution that won’t damage the scalp or hair follicles any further, as well as allowing hair to grow back in its own time.

Some of the most effective kinds of hair replacement solutions available at present are those which utilise specially designed hair extension systems. For example:

Medi Connections – This is a system designed to cover patchy hair loss or thinning hair. It uses super-fine, naturally looking hair extensions to disguise hair loss, and can also be used to boost hair volume.

The Intralace System – This is similar to Medi Connections, but uses a fine mesh to integrate extensions into existing hair. It is suitable for people with moderate to severe hair loss.

Provided you visit a high-quality hair loss and replacement specialist, these treatments should be perfectly safe. They are designed to be breathable and non-damaging to hair, and they also allow natural regrowth.

If you have any doubts about safety, you simply need to check that the bonding adhesive used to attach hair extensions is safe and also milder than the industrial bonding agents widely used in hair salons. You should also ensure that a test patch is done before any adhesives or other substances are applied to the hair or skin.