How can women cope with hair loss?

Although men suffer from similar conditions, there is often more of a stigma surrounding hair loss in women. As such, female hair loss can be much more devastating and disruptive to the life of the sufferer, damaging their self-esteem and body confidence.

This is because in today’s image-conscious society, hair is commonly associated with beauty, femininity and sexuality. Losing it can make you feel as if these things are taken away.

So, how do sufferers of female hair loss cope? There are many temporary and more permanent solutions out there, specially developed to help you manage your condition. For example:

• Cosmetics, hats and human hair wigs – Many women are comfortable without these things when at home, but they prefer to wear human hair wigs and headbands when out in public. They serve as temporary confidence boosters, helping you to get on with your life whilst you look for a more long-term solution.

• Hair loss treatments – There are many new treatments available for women suffering from hair loss, including hair replacement techniques such as Medi Connections (for minor cases of alopecia or thinning hair) or the Intralace System (for larger areas of hair loss).