What can my doctor do to help stop my hair loss?

As with any potential medical problem, the first thing you should always do if you think you have a hair loss condition is to see your general practitioner (GP).

Although not a hair loss specialist, your family doctor should still be your first port of call as he/she can take the first steps to getting you an accurate diagnosis. Your GP may ask you about:

• Your diet
• Any medication you may be on
• Your hair care routine
• Any illnesses you may have had recently

If you’re female, your doctor may also ask you some questions about your menstrual cycle and whether you are pregnant or have recently had a child.

You can also expect your GP to carry out a physical examination, blood tests and possibly a biopsy.

Referral to a specialist

After your doctor has noted down all the basics to do with your general health and is unable to diagnose you, it is likely that he/she will refer you to a dermatologist or a trichologist (a hair loss specialist) for consultation and treatment. This is where you will find out what is causing your hair loss and whether it can be treated or not, as well as learning about your hair management options.