Getting the cause of your hair loss diagnosed

If you believe that you are suffering from more hair loss than might be considered normal, you will most likely want to have the cause diagnosed. The first step in this process is always to consult your GP.

Your doctor may be able to diagnose the problem there and then, but in many cases you will be referred to a dermatologist or trichologist. Waiting lists vary and for many people any kind of a wait can prove excruciating as they are distressed and eager for advice. In these instances, you can always book a private appointment.

A qualified trichologist specialises in hair and the scalp and will be well placed to deduce what is happening with your hair. You can expect consultations to last about an hour, after which the Trichologist will hopefully be able to offer you advice or potential treatments.

Unfortunately, not every form of hair loss is easily treatable and you may find yourself confronting a situation where you are likely to lose a substantial amount of hair from your head. If this is the case, there are hair loss management options available to you, including hair replacements and other methods.